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Today’s Less-Than-Graceful Delivery of Discernment



Three years ago I stood at a career crossroads. I had a small web design “business” that was barely paying the bills, I did some sound engineering / recording on the side to help bring the “ends” slightly closer to meeting. Still, it was hard making them meet. Often, they went unmet…not introduced…strangers passing in the night, so to speak. I was the captain of my own destiny (el capitán de mi destino) and was asleep at the helm. One benefit to having so much time on my hands was that I was able to sharpen a skillset based on what I enjoyed doing.

In the greater scheme of things, not much time has passed. (Seven times the time has passed for my dogs.) I find myself largely drawing on that rudimentary set of skills in order to finitely develop a larger muscle than I could have ever imagined necessary had anyone thought to ask three years ago. Thanks to curiosity, an unfulfilled end (…deficiency? exigency? inadequacy? insufficiency? necessity? obligation? shortage? urgency? want?)…and my divine appointment here at Hot Tub Works, I have happened into an opportunity to learn, to grow, to define my strengths, skills, self.

At this stage of the development, ‘twould have been fairly easy to sit back, sigh, and proclaim arrival. (Almost did, in fact.) Ah, but alas, the fates (and my inability to be completely satiated for long) had a different set of blueprints in mind. As a direct result, I find myself interrupting the website launch of our new spa care kits, to compose this blog. If you are still reading this, more power to ya. I myself almost didn’t make it to this paragraph.

So folks, keep your eyes peeled for future musings from me: your accidental, universe-ordained infant blogger. Hot Tub Works is a great place to work, and blog.


– Jim


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