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The Hot Tub Fantasy



Years ago, I put on a Jacuzzi Dealer conference and I used a film clip from a movie where the actor said “a hot tub filled with Pepto Bismol”  was part of his sexual fantasy.  The crowd laughed, with a few soft feminine gasps to indicate their shock at something like this was said out loud. I was working, so I had to hide my slight enjoyment at the reaction of few sensitive types in the crowd.

A few days ago, I had a comment from a lady who didn’t like my failing to mention the family aspect of hot tubs, which is an important fact, it just wasn’t relevant to what I was talking about. It did cause me to think about how differently men and women view hot tubs, and how different age groups look at the product category.  The Video Music Awards, for example had the Jersey Shore cast in a hot tub in which the host gets in and leaves the hot tub seconds later pregnant.

As men, I think we always have some greater association with sex in a hot tub, no matter what age.  Seems natural when you think about. Yes, it’s also relaxing and social, and Yes, it’s creates quality time and communication.

But really, there is always a boyish excitement to jumping in the hot tub with your gal (my wife in my world) and not because I am looking forward to communication. Seems pretty organic to me but then again I’m just a guy inside and out.

Men like hot tubs for many reasons, sex being one of the better reasons. 🙂

– Jerry

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