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The Best Hot Tub for Your Home


The Best Hot Tub for Your Home

hot-tub-homeOne of the many benefits of having a hot tub at home is the absolute pleasure that it provides. What I mean by this is, you can relax and soak in your private water for as long as you would like, in the comfort of your own home. It really doesn’t get much better than that. It is the closest thing to a professional spa treatment, and you do not have to share the water with anyone else!

Hot tubs are recommended by sports doctors as well to loosen the tendons and muscles of the body. If your body is constantly being stressed, worked out, manually pushed, having a hot tub is by far one of the most beneficial purchases you can make. Some even suggest regular hot tub use speeds up the metabolism and provides quicker weight loss.

There are various types of whirlpools or hot tubs and it is important to find one that suits your personal needs. If you prefer the traditional design, then you would use a wooden spa. These are not as common as today’s modern jetted tubs but are very relaxing. The wooden pattern accommodates 4-8 people depending on the size you choose. These are very common in Asian culture and are starting to becoming more popular once again. hot-tub

It is important to understand that these are not intended for high chemical use and draining the water more often is a common difference between the wood barrel hot tubs versus today’s more modern acrylic style. The water that is in these wooden hot tubs is heated by electricity or gas. Occasionally the wooden hot tubs have a steel lining the inside of the hot tub or spa. These hot tubs can be placed both indoors and outdoors, but it is recommended if outdoors, it is important to shelter them from the outside elements of rain, snow, hail, etc

Acrylic portable spa

The other type of hot tub is the stand alone spa, encased in wood or plastic cabinet, with an acrylic interior mold. These are suitable for any climate and are the most popular hot tub purchased today. These hot tubs are equipped with power jets for pulsating water, and again massage muscles and tendons. In layman’s terms, they help our body heal and relax.

These spas come in all shapes and sizes, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to shopping for your application. You need to determine how many will use the spa at once, how often, do you want to lay, sit, swim, etc. There are two person hot tubs, four, six, and eight… as you can see, you need to determine what will work best for you.

The bigger the spa, the bigger the hot tub covers. This is something to consider also. Companies can manufacture the hot tub cover to suit your needs but it is important to understand the different qualities of hot tub cover, and what size your hot tub is.  Remember, when it is time to buy a hot tub, determine who will use the cover, and how often.


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