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Spa Pump Crazy


spa-pumpsCrazy about Spa Pumps!

Five years ago we added spa pumps to the site.  It’s been one of those journeys that has come very slowly, not a silver bullet anywhere to be found. We started with the best brands available, which was not an easy path, as many of the suppliers have been buying each other out.

When we started to stock spa pumps, we realized we need to test every one because it was apparent our suppliers did not, so we built a water test station, to make 100% sure we had great product before the client ever received their spa pump.

We hired a friend and former colleague from the Sundance Spas engineering department to build our work stations and create the testing protocol. It was one of those projects that seemed not to make any sense on paper, yet I knew we had to invest in, to be the best source online for spa pumps.

Sales have always been good, yet it’s taken a lot of energy with very little profit, since spa pumps are heavy to ship and the warranty costs seem to never get covered by the manufacturer. We have always been liberal with our return policy as if we were the buyers ourselves. The spa pumps just always seemed to be needing more work. So, one more time, a couple of All-Stars here jumped in and got deep into the project.

Jim and Brian spent months researching, studying everything they could to figure out what we needed for our clients, how to source correctly, the engineering of spa pumps. They went further, studying how to create the best value for our clients, and how to make it easy to find the right spa pump on our website.  These two, as always did us proud and our clients right by creating the most complete offering of spa pumps at the best prices, and a method so clients can get through the challenge of finding what they need.

They even made spa pump videos.

My hat is off to these guys who come to work everyday and care about what they do for us and for you. It’s an inspiring group.

– Jerry

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