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Spa Cover Season is Here….


spa-cover-careFall is Peak Season For Spa Covers

The transition from August to September is always known here at HotTubWorks by the ringing of the phone lines.  The ringing starts early and pretty much never ceases all day. We always consider it great news despite the increase in work load, because it represents much hard work paying off.

The production side is ready after thousands of hours retooling itself to make the product and faster, operations is ready to prove out it’s progress in moving the spa covers through the system and into shipping, reaching the client faster.

Customer Service has been instrumental in improving the site, Drake even made a few Spa CoverVideos to help with the options clients ask about. It’s been a remarkable team effort to evolve a segment of the company which was pretty healthy to begin with. I love being a part of something that everyone is so committed to making better, even when it’s not broken. It’s a rare and unique culture that actually strives to be the best, even when it’s just spa covers.

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