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Ozone and Minerals for Spas & Hot Tubs

February 17th, 2011 by

ozoneMineral Sanitizers (Nature2, Frog Floating System, Sundance Spas Sunpurity, Hot Spring AG Mineral Purifier) is offered as an alternative sanitation system for spas and pools, with promises of cleaner water without the drawbacks of chlorine. However, these Mineral Sanitizers recognize that they do not oxidize all the organics that a spa may contain, so it recommends using its product ‘Cense’ as the required oxidizer (a version of MSP, or monopersulfate).

We have nothing against MSP, but why not have the best oxidizer you can have, without adding ANY more chemicals? It’s not just DEL saying this. Here’s the assessment of

What is Ozone for Spas?

“Ozone, fed into the water continuously by an Ozone generator, is the strongest oxidizer for pool [or spa] water treatment. …Ozone has a minimal effect on pH and water chemistry.”

The bottom line for spa and pool disinfection is that ozone is the strongest, broad-spectrum oxidizer that can be delivered simply and reliably. Ozone combines well with Mineral Sanitizers (Nature2, Frog Floating System, Sundance Spas Sunpurity, Hot Spring AG Mineral Purifier) minerals to cover the gaps in sanitation left by Mineral Sanitizers alone.

What is a Mineral Sanitizer?

Mineral Sanitizers are a “mineral bed” that is installed in your spa circulation to deposit silver and copper ions into the water to kill bacteria and algae, respectively. This is distinct from ionizing systems because the minerals are deposited through the flow of water through a cartridge rather than an electrical ionization process. Mineral Sanitizers shares some benefits with Ozone in that neither of them relies on excessive use of chemicals like chlorine that can have harmful byproducts when used at high enough doses to be effective.

Is Ozone and a Mineral Sanitizer Your Best Option?

No disinfection system is perfect, but if your criteria are for a simple and effective disinfection routine that produces clean, fresh smelling water with minimal harmful byproducts, start with Ozone. Whether you choose to supplement it with Mineral Sanitizers (Nature2, Frog Floating System, Sundance Spas Sunpurity, Hot Spring AG Mineral Purifier) or a small residual level of chlorine, you will be able to maintain fresh, safe water in your spa.

We have traditionally recommended a strong Ozone system coupled with a small residual amount of chlorine (maintained at about 3 ppm for spas, depending on your typical usage) for a simple, low cost way to keep spa water pure. The chemicals and the tests they need are widely available and understood. But if a Mineral Sanitizer appeals to you, we know it can also work.



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6 Responses to “Ozone and Minerals for Spas & Hot Tubs”

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  2. Chlorine doesn’t kill all the bugs in your hot tub, so I suppose if you combine it with a mineral sanitizer, you can be sure that you are definitely eliminating a good amount of bacteria.

  3. Dedra Q says:

    I use the Nature2 purple stick along with the ozone in my spa, and it works great. It takes away that horrible mildew smell and really cleans the spa. Thanks for the article explaining how it works!

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  5. ecoloblue 30…

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