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Ordering a Spa Cover is Pretty Easy the Second Time Around


perfect-spa-coverEasy as Apple Pie!

Earlier this week I got an email from our Customer Service star Lietta about a client who’s back for his second spa cover, 6 years later.  What was interesting about this client was the order was originally taken by our CFO Rick – who’s not your normal Spa Cover expert.

Nevertheless, the client got a perfect Spa Cover and 6 years later, all the client had to do is call us and a couple of clicks later, she’s getting another made exactly like the last time.

A few things I love about this; 1- we have a lot of repeat clients, in fact most of our clients visit us 6 times a year, 2- the the spa cover lasted much longer than the client expected, and 3- technology makes it easy and affordable to order a custom spa cover, and it’s super easy the second time around, because we have all the data on file.

It’s a small thing but it made me smile……

– Jerry

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