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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Dealer Fumbles

October 26th, 2010 by



I just read a story about a spa dealer that ended up in court with a very unhappy customer. The short version is a Jacuzzi dealer who sells a spa, the spa has an issue, doesn’t get corrected, consumer gets mad, dealer gets mad. No good result.


No doubt, Jacuzzi has to build spas that work.  Even in the best quality environment spas will have some issues after delivery so it’s up to the dealer to know how to make it right. Their ( the dealer) reputation is on the line more than the brand (Jacuzzi Hot Tubs in this case). Dealers have been real slow to learn this reality in the spa industry.

A good example of company knowing this is, they sold 1000s of spas. Two of their major suppliers folded. They responded by hiring a national service company on their dime to handle the issues and refunded anyone that was not happy. They lost money in the short run but no doubt they gained some loyalty and my respect.

I like to think lives by the same values. In fact I know we do. I just authorized a replacement on a product just outside of warranty, which means it’s on our dime. I like to believe it comes back to us.

– Jerry

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