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Is There Life Outside Hot Tub Works?


Asked about vacations, Alex and Dave submitted the following:

“Last October, I embarked on a great four day vacation to Germany to experience Oktoberfest. My journey began at John Wayne Airport, located in Southern California, and then flew to Atlanta. Upon arriving I transferred aboard another plane which flew across the Atlantic into Milan, then to Rome and I finally reached my destination in Munich, Germany. I met a childhood friend there and we proceeded to engulf ourselves in every part that Oktoberfest had to offer; from the beer halls, to bratwurst, even a couple of giant pretzels, until had my fill. Germany left me with a lasting impression, I hope to go there again.”



“I haven’t been on a vacation since I went to Mexico in 1993. From what I remember we traveled around the Northern region of Mexico for 3 days. I recall white beaches as far as the eye could see; one beach had sand dollars stretched across the sand for miles. Cities were filled with people and laughter for hours. In my 20 years of life I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe especially to London. I’m a coffee house beatnik in my own right; I love culture from all walks of life. Being a Beatles fan also contributes to my desire to visit England. I have hopes to travel there and further my life education. Only time will tell what the future holds.”



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