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Hot Tub Water Test: Like a Boss!


TESTING-HOT-TUB-WATER-LIKE-A-BOSSTesting hot tub water regularly is important to avoid peaks and valleys of sanitation and water balance. Testing everyday is not needed unless your spa is used on a daily basis. Test your water 2-3 times per week, or more often if the spa is used frequently.

For years I used Test Strips to test my hot tub water, that’s what the Hot Tub Guyz (where I bought my first spa) told me to use. They even gave me a free bottle in a starter kit.

When I started working here at HotTubWorks – I was immediately shown a better way of testing hot tub water. It was in a product meeting, when someone asked when were going to start offering a real test kit for sale. I find out that we sell 12 different test strips for spa water, but we don’t have the “pool” test kit that everyone around the office uses.

It is now years later, and guess what – we still don’t sell the test kit which we all agree is the very best. Maybe this post will embarrass them into action! You can’t really rely on test strips for spa water – when you are only working with 300-500 gallons, it’s crucial to be accurate, or you can easily underdose or overdose.

Good Spa and Hot Tub Water Test

Spa-and-hot-tub-test-strips-travel-packSpa test strips are made to work with hot water, and are ‘calibrated’ especially for spas (whatever that means), but the wide range and hard to determine color matching makes them less accurate or reliable, when compared to other types of hot tub water testing.


Better Spa and Hot Tub Water Test

digital-strip-testerA better way to test spa water is to not abandon test strips, but to remove the human interpretation from the equation. No offense, but your eyesight and color matching skills aren’t what they used to be (mine neither!). The AquaChek Digital Strip Reader analyzes the test strip from 16 Million colors, and improves accuracy of test strip use immensely.


Best Spa and Hot Tub Water Test

The best way to test hot tub or spa water (if accuracy is important to you), is to use a liquid drop style, pool test kit. The one we all use here on our own hot tubs is usually, the K-2006, although some people have the K-2106. Both test kits are by Taylor, a well respected source.

Titration test kits are different, and here’s why. Take a water sample in a test vial and add the reagent. Then add an indicator solution, dropwise, or drop by drop, counting the drops until you achieve a solid color change (from red to blue for example). Multiply the number of drops x 10, and you have your calcium and alkalinity reading, accurate to within 5 ppm.


Yes it takes longer to do a titration test, but not much longer. You can do a full battery of tests, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity and Hardness in under 5 minutes. If your hot tub calcium or alkalinity is low, refer to the charts in the booklet, which tell you exactly how much adjustment chemical to add.

If your hot tub pH is high or low, you can do a titration test on the pH sample, adding Acid demand or Base demand reagents, dropwise, until your desired pH color is reached.

For measuring Bromine, and Bromamines, nothing beats a titration test. Traditional test kits have you add DPD reagent #1, 2 and 3 to the water sample vial, and compare the colors. FAS-DPD uses titration (drop counting) to most accurately determine chlorine or bromine readings to within 0.5 ppm.

You can buy the Taylor K-2006 test kit online – just not at Hot Tub Works! The box label reads Chlorine, but it tests for both Chlorine and Bromine. You won’t need the Cyanuric Acid test, unless you have an outdoor and uncovered spa.


So, if you want to be accurate with hot tub water testing (and who doesn’t?), get the best hot tub water test available, and toss away your test strips for good!


Gina Galvin
Hot Tub Works



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