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Everyday my inbox gets a dozen or so Google alerts letting me know what’s happening in the world of hot tubs. I get real bored with the typical articles about the Hollywood stars partying in the hot tub, which is about 70% of the media coverage on hot tubs. I saw one yesterday for young Palin’s ex, that he and a video co-star used a hot tub to get to know each other. The writer is obviously misguided that people would care about Palins ex or that he got in a hot tub with another unknown.

On the other hand, now and then, I see something that makes me smile. Today, I saw one of the most entertaining hot tub product articles this year.  A hot tub hat, that’s right, a little tank to hold hot water, on your head.

Now aside from the fact that I doubt it will find much of a market, it is extremely entertaining to me to realize that some designer actually spent good time and money to pursue this idea. The designer must have been so enthralled with the idea to go through enormous hours of developing a product. It’s bizarre and I guess that’s why I like it.

We make hot tub covers, a lot of them. More than anyone else in the spa cover business. Nothing to entertaining about it but they do make sense. They wont prevent hair loss like the hot tub hat, but they will save you energy and keep the hot tub warm. Thousands of hours have gone into designing and redesigning the product and how we make it.

The spa covers we sell don’t make us laugh but they do make us smile when our clients are happy.

– Jerry

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