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Hot Tub Covers and Bears


We have seen reports of bears in spas a few times. We have also had a few of our hot tub cover clients need to reorder their hot tub covers because the local bears have chewed up the covers.

You can protect your hot tub cover from bears. Our solution is to use our spa cover conditioner and protector on the spa cover. As the article below states, the bears smell the vinyl as it grows old and they think it’s an ant hill, so they eat it. Spa cover care products will protect the spa cover vinyl from producing the smell and make the vinyl last longer in the process.



Yet another bear sighting in a Lower Mainland neighbourhood. This 400-pound bruin was spotted in the Deep Cove area.

Tony Webb with the North Shore Black Bear Network says they need to fatten up before the winter.

“A big bear like that will need the equivalent of about 30 hamburgers a day, a lot of calories, before going into hibernation,” he explains.

Besides the usual food aromas, bears are attracted to the smell coming from hot tub covers.

“The vinyl starts to break down and releases formic acid that emulates an ant’s nest and will attract a bear,” Webb warns. “One technique to get rid of the smell is to wipe the cover weekly with a strong ammonia solution.”

If you see a bear in the neighbourhood, keep your distance, not because the bear might attack, but because bears might lose their fear of humans if it gets used to seeing people.

A bear had to be tranquilized after found wandering in North Burnaby on Thursday.


How to Keep Bears Away from your Spa Cover


Our specially formulated Spa Cover Conditioner and Protector helps keep your cover looking new. Now with added UV protection to help extend the life of your cover!

Maintain the beauty and service life your your new Hot Tub Works spa cover (and spa pillows too) with our Spa Cover Conditioner and Protector. Specially formulated to work with marine grade vinyl in harsh environments. Easy to use. Includes UV blocker. Also helps to restore the luster to your vinyl.

And, it prevents the smell of aged vinyl, so delicious to bears!




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