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Hot Tub Cover Drama

September 30th, 2010 by

hot-tub-cover-dramaA year ago our logistics supplier fell upon hard times, like many. They had to sell off their assets and could not pay off many of their suppliers.  It was hard to watch people we cared about lose their jobs through no fault of their own.  Common story these past few years.

About six months ago we got a letter from one of their suppliers demanding we pay them. We thought that was a little strange since we paid all of our bills. Turns out there is this old obscure law which states the that the original shipper of product is potentially liable for the freight bill even they already paid the shipping company who managed the freight. For example, if we hired Fedex to ship a spa cover, and Fedex sub contracts part of the shipping service to a regional carrier, Fedex collects the money from us and does not pay the sub, the sub can sue us for their part of the bill even though we already paid Fedex for the complete service.

Yes, so the innocent, bill paying company can be forced to pay twice. Seems strange in America that we have laws like that. Kinda heightens my dislike for the system we have.  The net result of the story is that we just worked through it and made the best of weird situation.

That said, I’m grateful we have a thriving company which provides for many families, supplies great product and gives me a place to go everyday.

– Jerry

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