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Hot Tub Consumer Reviews


hot-tub-spa-consumer-reviewsHot Tub Owner Satisfaction Survey

A project we have started more than five years ago is coming close to completion.

We have over 250,ooo hot tub owners in our data base and when we started asking the questions like, ” would you buy the same brand again?” or “how would you rate the dealer service?” it was interesting what we found.


Not ready to publish the full report, but here are some the highlights:

62% of hot tub owners would buy again.

12% of the hot tub owners felt like the received “good” service from the local spa dealer.

47% would buy the same hot tub brand again

72% Hot Spring Spa owners would buy another Hot Spring Spa

61% Sundance Spas owners would buy another Sundance Spa

20% Jacuzzi Hot Tub Owners would buy another Jacuzzi (includes many owners which bought via Home Depot)

79% Costco Hot Tub buyers were happy with their purchase (surprise)

40% Hot Tub Owners use their hot tub 2 times per week.

Those are some of the highlights from the little bit of research. What was clear is hot tub owners use the hot tubs and most enjoy them. Local dealer satisfaction is low and suggests a big opportunity, but most good dealers know this fact already.

I’ll post more results of our hot tub owner satisfaction survey in the coming weeks.


Thanks,   Jerry



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