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Hot Tub Chemicals


Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals

Spa Frog bromine and mineral floaterAfter a tiring day, most people resort to spas as form of relaxation. It is now possible to have your own spa at home. Contrary to popular belief, this is not expensive and it will not take a lot of effort to maintain a spa. Spas and hot tubs offer something enjoyable with quite a number of health benefits that you can get from it as well.

If you have a spa at home, keeping it clean is your number one priority or else it will have a negative effect on your relaxation. The good news is that there are a lot of chemicals that would keep your spa clean.

Using hot tub chemicals is very simple. There are test strips that you can purchase to test the chemicals in the spa. Putting chemicals on the spa will make the water last longer and it could also protect the users from becoming sick since this will kill the bacteria in the water.

Before putting the chemicals in the spa, you will need to know the pH level of the water and the level of alkalinity and calcium hardness. Once the spa water is balanced, you can shock the spa with a non-chlorine or a chlorine oxidizer. After that you will want to run the filter for several hours, to mix up the chemicals.

To keep the water sanitary, most spa owners use bromine or chlorine mini-tabs. Chlorine is cheaper, but stronger smelling and a bit less stable in high pH situations. You can also take advantage of using minerals to help with the sanitation. Frog or Nature2 purifiers for spas allow you to reduce your level of sanitizer.

Spa pH: To examine the PH level of water, use a good test strip. Your spa pH level should be somewhere 7.2 to 7.4. If it is lower, there is pH additive that you can add. On the other hand, if it is too high, there is a pH reducer that you can use. Knowing the calcium hardness is also important as well, so the water is not too hard or too soft. In case it doesn’t reach the recommended level of at least 150 ppm, there are calcium adjusters that you can purchase to raise the calcium level, or harden the water.

Observe the color of the water. If it has a curious shade, it could mean that your spa contains metals. There are metal reducers sold for your spa, that will keep metals in solution, so they don’t stain your spa surfaces.

Aside from adding chemicals to spa water, it is best to clean the hot tub filter regularly. Remember to change the spa water every two months. Clean the filter at least once a month. Perform chemical tests every week, and shock the spa. These steps will help you to keep the spa always clean and sanitary for your users.

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