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Home Life with my DVR


dvrThere have been many things that have changed my life for the better, and many people who have inspired me but lately the most important change that has encapsulated my house was when the cable man rang the doorbell with a brand new…. DVR.

Yes, that is right, you read that correctly. Digital Video Recorders have changed the way I watch TV and has made my life that much less stressful. I don’t want to damper the mood, but before the DVR was a part of my life, life was looked at differently.

Dinners were denied, going out with friends on certain nights was examined closely before I would RSVP with a “yes”, and speeding on the freeway to get home in 5 minutes for the start of the new episode to begin, but 10 minutes away has ended.

Now, I go out when I want, and drive slowly. At ease now. I have made it sound that I watch a LOT of TV, and in actuality I really don’t, especially now that I no longer have to watch commercials.

A few shows that are DVR’d at my house: Celebrity Apprentice (Finale was this week, and so thankful Joan won), Deadliest Catch, House Hunters (International too), Lie to Me, American Idol (I hope Chris wins), Real Housewives of New York (Reunion show last night was intense), Real Housewives of New Jersey (what can I say… reminds me of growing up), Charm School, House, A shot of Love with Daisy (or whatever it is called), Dr Phil, Intervention, Oprah, Dateline….

 Wow….. By the looks of it… I should pick up a book.

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