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His Wife Threw Him In The Hot Tub


burning-manMy partner just returned from Burning Man. I mentioned this to a few and to my surprise a couple people have not heard of the event. So here is the short story:  In 1986, 8 people burn a wooden man on a beach in San Fransisco, and 24 years later 50,000 people of all walks of life, gather in the middle of the desert to party for a week and burn a 40 foot wooden man. The people who go to Burning Man absolutely let loose, pretty much in every way imaginable. Need more on the event, go to Youtube. Warning: it’s a little shocking, and funny.

Enough background, and back to my personal story of my 60 year old partner, who’s not your typical Burning Man type. He’s a Tommy Bahama shirt and shorts kind of father, husband, business guy who leads a fun yet very normal life. Rick (my partner) and his childhood friend (AKA Beef), also 60,  head to the desert to experience the Burning Man.

I spoke to Rick once just before he entered the “city” and again when he was leaving the desert. The conversation after went something like this ” Jerry, I can’t even explain it to you.  These people let loose, not in a bad way, but in a way hard to describe, it was like a movie. The music is going 24 hours a day. I have never been so dirty in my life. You take a shower and 2 minutes later you are just as dirty again. You can not get clean. Red dirt blows so hard you can not even see”.  I said “wow, sounds like a harsh place”, and Rick says, “it’s like living in the toughest elements for a week and the noise never stops”.

I’m now sure he’ll say that’s the last time he’ll ever do it again but I ask anyways, “so you’ll not be going back I assume?” And to my surprise and added insight to the unexplainable, Rick responds, “I definitely would do it again!”. I guess words don’t capture the experience.

So Rick rolls back into town Sunday where his wife (a supportive saint) takes one look and points to the spa / hot tub. Thus, furthering the factual benefits of a spa / hot tub once again. Its use as a human washing machine and allowing re-entry into the home – post Burning Man.

Glad you are back safely my friend, and you’re lucky she took the spa cover off first.

– Jerry

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