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Helping a Customer With a Rodent Issue


Mice in hot tubsIts crazy to think about just how many items there are on our site. Just the other day while helping a customer I discovered an item that I think would be helpful to a lot of people out there.

He was complaining that rodents were getting up in his equipment and eating through his wires. Mice underneath the spa. So not only did I help him find the replacement wires he needed but I helped him find an item that should help with his rodent problem as well.

The item is question is sku # 3-80-700-1000. The official name of it is the Mouse-Away Pouch. It is a little pouch with different types of essential oils that is supposed to repel rodents. The best thing about it is that it is poison free so it wont harm them or you.

Hopefully you don’t have any rodent issues but if you do I think that this item will really help!!  I was glad that I had previously discussed the item with our technician and that I was able to help a customer find a solution to their problem.

So remember, if you ever have any questions on any of the items on our site (there are a lot J) or need help solving a sticky situation with your hot tub we are always here to help.


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