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Great Customer Savings for Spa Parts!


Balboa Spa Parts Spa Control - VS510SZ Retro Kit

I spoke to a customer today who received a quote from their local tech to replace a spa circuit board for about $525 just for the part! We had the same circuit board available for $229.99.

If you guessed that this customer was very excited, that would be an understatement. He was thrilled! At first kind of stunned, but thrilled on cutting the cost in half! His words were something like, “Thanks for saving my life, Scott.”

It almost made me want to change my voice mail to,”Hi! My names Scott! I sell hot tub parts and accessories, and I can save your life!” But how that Larry H. Parker Commercial sounds, with Intensity!

So, thank you stunned, yet thrilled customer.
Tub On!

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