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Tasty Gourmet Spa Covers


zoey-boxer-2Had a great call and order from a very nice customer named Tim the other day. The phone call started out with a story about his family dog “Zoey”, a female Boxer rescue who seems to have an unusual appetite. Zoey has hoovered up his daughter’s nail polish (with decoration to Zoey’s teeth, nails and the carpeting), 3 ipod cords, 12 landscape lights in the yard, an Apple power pack, Dremel kit grinding wheels, 2 plastic flamingos painted in Kansas University Jayhawks colors, the outside TV cable, a number of books, a few shoes and one spa cover.

I explained to Tim he was not alone and told him about the guy from Carbondale, CO, who called to order a second cover after receiving his first new cover just one month before. Somewhat frustrated, he explained his dog had just eaten the first cover and he needed another one. While we were putting the order together he suddenly stopped and excused himself to yell at his wife, “Hey, don’t feed him (the dog) nuthin’ – he already ate today…”

Feeling somewhat better, Tim went on to explain that he and his family love Zoey in spite of her gastronomical proclivities and the fact that she drove the family cat insane. 

More than eating, Zoey’s favorite pastime is riding with Tim on his full dress Goldwing Honda sitting on the gas tank and peering over the faring  – wearing swimming goggles and a flowing red cape….

Who ever said selling spa covers wasn’t interesting?

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