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Getting Ready for Summer!


It would seem that spring has finally sprung here. The blue skies and warmer weather woke me from my winter coma and I realize it’s almost ‘shorts and bathing suit’ season. You know that feeling when you wake up from a deep sleep and realize you have overslept? That instantaneous panic that hits before you are fully awake? That’s how I felt.

So I decided to begin (again…) an exercise and diet program. I am 2 days in and my legs are so sore – let’s just say I am very thankful that there is a ‘handicap’ rail in the ladies room here at Hot Tub Works. I’m hopeful to look like the lovely lady below, very soon!


Speaking of summer coming, I want to share with you two of my favorite products that we carry. The Outdoor Solar Shower and Towel Rack are awesome. I do not have a spa, but I do live near the beach. These items are a life-saver when it comes to keeping sand out of the house. The kids rinse off outside, towel off with clean towels, then hang the beach towels up to dry. And most of the time, the system works. Teenagers, you know?

Hmmm….I wonder if I could get someone from shipping to help me out of my chair?

– Julie

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