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Common Sense Spa Cover Care


spa-cleaning-chemicalsTo make your spa cover last longer, make sure you take care of it with gentle cleaning and conditioning on a regular basis. It can add years of life to your spa cover, for a very small investment of time and money.

I came across a decent article today on Keeping your Spa Cover Clean and thought I’d add some feedback to it. It is rare to find folks with good advice on taking care of a quality spa cover.

Most of this common sense we assume spa owners know, but I can say with absolute honesty that half the stuff I have learned in life others have told me was common sense….the irony of common sense (to me at least) is that it always makes perfect sense after I learn it. (Maybe I was born without it, who can say?)303-spa-cover-wipes

My only edit to the information found on the sparesources page is: Spa cover should be cleaned ONLY using either or Spa Cover Care & Conditioner or 303. Don’t use dish detergent or simple green type degreasers. Clean your marine grade vinyl with LOVE and conditioning. Household chemicals will dry out and weaken the material.

Finally, take your spa cover off and get in the hot tub more often than not. Hot tub covers need to breathe for several hours, several times per week.


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