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Dream as if You Will Live Forever…


social-dI attended a benefit show on Monday night for a remarkable human being of whom I have never met. A month ago, I received an email that Social D was playing at a benefit show and that tickets were available. I bought tickets, simply because I wanted to see my favorite band for the hundredth time.

As I purchased the tickets, a voice inside was a bit iffy about the price. It was twice the price compared to the other concerts I had been to. Little did I know that this was not a normal show. Little did I know that I would be overwhelmed with deep emotion while exiting this event.

Accidents happen.” I have heard this phrase all of my life whether it was when I forgot my homework for school, or spilled a glass of milk. This phrase is not so simple to some. This expression does not do Jay Thomas justice.

Before the band went on, I watched Jay Thomas give a speech (although struggled through it due to the complications of his injury) thanking everyone who attended this event. I immediately was drawn to this spirit that Jay was flooding into the hearts of hundreds of people who were listening to him. Imagine a rock concert with screams and woo-hoo’s suddenly silence and disappear. This is the power Jay had on the attendees, most of whom did not know him.

Jay was in a surf accident in Huntington Beach a couple months ago and suffered a spinal cord injury, which left his body limp from the waist down. He did not stop smiling once that night. I thought to myself- Wow! How can someone be so positive when within seconds he went from a self-sufficient man to a man who now depends on others to do life’s simplest tasks? When someone who has suffered a great deal of pain can still shine and inspire others to be better people and embrace life regardless of obstacles and struggles … this is truly remarkable.

I walked away from this event reminded that tomorrow is not guaranteed, and if you are blessed with a tomorrow, it may not be as imagined. Although I had never met Jay, his speech touched my heart. It reminded me to “Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow!”

Thank you Jay, I needed to hear your story, I needed to be reminded… as I believe everyone at the House of Blues that night did…. Thank you.

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