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Dont Invite Riff Raff to a Hot Tub Party!



Hot Tub Party 101:  Know all the people who you invite over for a hot tub party. Seems pretty basic, well I guess not for one young man.

He rents a hot tub for a good time party, next thing he knows, 3 people are stabbed.  Turns out when you have youngsters show up that you don’t know and they drink too much, bad things happen.

There’s a lesson here…hope they learn it soon. Remember – hot tubs should not be used by the inebriated, lots of bad things can happen, from drownings to … stabbings!

When you host a spa party, for everyone’s sake, consider a ‘No Alcohol in the Spa‘ rule. Have lots of bottled water, or lemonade next to the spa – and people can drink out of the spa. Tell them that the spa chemicals get whacked if someone spells a drink…

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