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Chris Tobey 1948-2009. My Friend.

May 15th, 2009 by

chris-tobeyIn Memorial to Chris Tobey

Writing about Chris is painful yet I know no better way to honor him than with a blog.  He was the most gifted writer I have ever known – not because his word choices were witty,  because he wrote without editing his heart.  His words always carried his gentle, loving, and very smart spirit. SO, writing anything about Chris, I feel inadequate to do him justice.

He was always ahead of his time with thought, vision, coupled with an incredible acceptance of others. In the 15 years he was my devoted friend I can not recall a single time I felt judged, and I gave him plenty of material. He was the true definition of a gentleman. He has shaped my life in every way.

Chris, I miss you.  “onward and upward”



Chris is remembered forever on this website devoted to his memory.

57 Responses to “Chris Tobey 1948-2009. My Friend.”

  1. Jerry says:

    Hey Chris. Much is changing. Please sit on our shoulders and guide us. I’m asking for your help and I know you always loved to give it. I love ya and miss ya.

  2. Jerry says:

    Hey Chris- Today is 25 years. I know you would have some card on my desk with some insightful and loving note. Your spirit lives on with me and I am grateful. Love you, onward and upward.

  3. Jen E says:

    Think of you often. Just of glimmer, and you stuck in my heart forever. How cool is that. Hope all is well out there.

  4. Arny says:

    I just this minute learned that Chris passed and I am incredibly sad…I knew Chris going back to a time when we were both looking at a position at Arista. Chris got it because, as always, he was the right man for the job, as was the case in all he did. We worked together at Rhino and he always communicated with such a sense of conviction and poise, it was incredibly easy to take his lead.

  5. jerry greer says:

    Chris- Found this today. I love you. Onward and Upward my friend.

    Dear God,
    On this day we give thanks to you for all of our daily blessings
    It is a day to remember that for which we are grateful
    And to dismiss that which we are wanting
    And that which remains to be done

    It is a day of gratitude for the gathering of our family
    And for the presence of loved ones

    It is a day to say thank you that we are not hungry today
    Thank you that we are not cold today
    Thank you that we are not lonely today
    Thank you that we are not forgotten today

    It is a day to be grateful for the health that we have
    Grateful for the blessings of our environment
    Grateful for the blessings of our pets
    And grateful even for the often trying relationships we have with each other. For it is from these imperfect encounters that we learn more about ourselves and about how we can become more as you would want us to be.

    And so on this day we give thanks unto you
    Thanks this food and for all of your blessings
    And we do so with all gratitude and love.
    by Chris Tobey

  6. Chris Hill says:

    Just heard (8/23/09) from a buddy (Big Lar) from the old neighborhood of Wildwood Manner in Bethesda that Chris was now in Rock-n-roll Heaven. All us guys (Tremmel, Boots, Bruggers, Bartels, et al) knew Chris from grammar/high school when some of us were trying to learn some basic chords, and Chris was already playing the bass in some local bands. Wore it down around his crotch like the cool guys of the era did. He was BAD! Lost contact after HS, but glad to learn from his obit that he went far in the biz, and still kept his cool. Also that he had such a loving family and business associates. He was far too young, but no doubt they’re jammin’ in heaven. Adios amigo! Chris Hill (Tennessee)

  7. Meeting Chris, I knew he was an angel right away. Nobody with eyes like that, and a warm smile, backed up with really super special friends isn’t an angel. Not that I’m an angel expert, I’m just saying…

    Stuck in a strange place over how to feel, what to do, what to send and all the social feelings that get bruised, I have been working on creating happiness for people and friends when they die. We’ll see if it works.

    Jerry and all the lovelies at, I am sorry for your loss, and happy for your gain (which by far outweighs the pain).

    Chris, may the force be with you, and may your hot tub up in heaven has an ozonator 😉


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