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Bullfrog Spas Innovation

October 21st, 2011 by

Bullfrog Spas to Display “Hot Tubs from the Future”


Bullfrog spas logo

Bullfrog Spas, manufacturer of cutting edge hot tubs with the JetPak System, will unveil new brand look that compliments their “hot tubs from the future.”


Quote startThis refreshed brand look reflects the company-wide goal to always provide quality and elegance in everything we produce.Quote end

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) October 20, 2011

Bullfrog Spas recently announced that they will display a new look in their display at the 2011 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, the pool and spa industry’s largest trade show. Their “modern sleek-elegant” look, which will be fully unveiled in 2012, will help accentuate their position as the leader in technologically advanced high-end hot tubs.

Since their invention-driven beginning in 1996, Bullfrog Spas has continued to improve water delivery technology, wood-free composite spa structures, energy efficiency, and leak-proof shell technology in portable hot tubs. Their advancements have continually pushed hi-tech advancements in a traditionally low-tech industry.

Bullfrog’s focus on technology has produced a line of spas that are customizable, more powerful, 100% wood-free and more energy efficient according to data compiled by the California Energy Commission.

Bullfrog has never done things the traditional way. While other manufacturers battle quality issues as they move their production overseas, Bullfrog invests in a state of the art factory in the hi-tech Mecca of the greater Salt Lake City area. Instead of chasing low costs by outsourcing manufacturing to other countries, Bullfrog prefers to focus on manufacturing quality and development of new relaxation technologies.

Bullfrog Spas graphic designer, Travis Atwood, commented on their brand update and corporate goal: “This new look revolves around an updated color palette and a focus on modern elegant design. It isn’t a huge change but we felt that it was necessary to more accurately tell the Bullfrog story. This refreshed brand look reflects the company-wide goal to always provide quality, performance, and elegance in everything we produce.”

Modern pop culture has begun to take notice of this rapidly growing hot tub company. A popular comedian and video blogger, Toby Turner, recently called Bullfrog Spas “hot tubs from the future.” Those familiar with Mr. Turner’s tongue in cheek brand of humor immediately decipher the hyperbole, however, he also chose to endorse the Free Hot Tub Giveaway on Bullfrog’s Facebook page on his video blog and is designing his own Bullfrog Spa for order. Bullfrog Spas have also been chosen for recent television shows like MTV’s Jersey Shore and others that push the hot tub envelope in their own way.

Pool and Spa industry insiders will get the first look at the new brand look of Bullfrog Spas before it becomes public in early 2012 with an updated website, brochures, in-store materials, videos, outdoor displays and more.

About Bullfrog International
Bullfrog International, LC, is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. Bullfrog designs and manufactures the world’s only hot tubs with JetPaks® – modular jetted spa seats, which allow the user to customize, interchange, and upgrade the spa’s jetting at anytime. JetPaks are backed by six U.S. patents with other U.S. and foreign patents pending. Because of the JetPak System, Bullfrog Spas provide powerful hydrotherapy, are virtually leak-proof, and are extremely energy efficient. Bullfrog International currently distributes, licenses, and retails its products in the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Jacuzzi Spa Filters 1980-2010

August 9th, 2011 by
Spa Year   Model 2000-498 HTF-2716 HTF-1330 HTF-2715 2540-389 HTF-2781 2540-387 HTF-2800 HTF-2390
Before 2002 Any
2003-04 Del Sol
2005+ J-210
2005+ J-220
2005-2007 J-230
2008+ J-230
2007+ J-270
2007+ J-280
Before 2005 J-300 Series
2005+ J-300 (w/ Cap)
2008 J-460
2006-07 J-460
2006+ J-465 1/07-4/07
2006+ J-470
2006+ J-480
Before 2005 J-400 Series
2009+ J-400 Series

Sundance Spa Filters 2000-2005

August 9th, 2011 by


This is a Sundance Spa Filters Matrix for years 2000-2005.

If you click the HTF-xxxx at the top of the chart it will take you to the  right filter.

Or  you can a see a full list of all Sundance Spa Filters click here: Sundance Spa Filters


Filter Matrix Sundance (2000-2005)
Spa Year Spa Model (1) HTF-2386    (1) HTF-2387 HTF-2760 HTF-2770 HTF-2780 HTF-2790 HTF-6540-507 HTF-2811 HTF-2810 w/ HTF-6540-502
2000-2001 Altamar
2000-2002 Aruba
2000-2002 Bahia
2000-2002 Bali
2000-2001 Cameo
2000-2001 Capri 2001 2000
2000-2001 Caprio/ Caprio ST
2003-2005 Cayman
2000-2002 Cyprus
2003-2005 Hermosa
2003-2005 Legunas
2005 Majesta
2000-2001 Marin
2000-2001 Maxxus
2004-2005 Metro
2000-2001 Optima
2000-2002 Palermo
2003-2005 *Redondo
1997-2005 Solo
2000-2001 Tango

* Redondo spas built before June 1, 2003 use the 6540-720 Filter cartridge with 6540-719 skimmer assembly

Sundance Spas Filters 2006-Current

July 26th, 2011 by


Spa Year Spa Model HTF-0315 HTF-2390 HTF-2385 HTF-2770 HTF-6540-507 HTF-2780 HTF-6541-397 HTF-2810 w/ HTF-6540-502
2006 Altamar
2006 Bahia
2006-2007 Burlington
2006 Cameo
2006 Capri
2006 Caprio/ Caprio ST
2006 Cayman
2007+ Camden
2007+ Certa
2007+ Chelsee
2006+ Denali
2008+ Dover
2007+ Hamilton
2007+ Hartford
2007+ Hawthorne
2006 Majesta
2006 Marin
2006 Maxxus
2006-2007 Metro
2006 Optima
2006 Palermo
2006-2007 Solo
2006+ Tacoma

Birthday Surprise from a Super Customer

July 26th, 2011 by

birthday-balloonsHere at Hot Tub Works we in customer service aim to give all our customers “over the top” customer service -  the extra mile for to give them the caring human touch that they would receive if they were speaking to us face to face.

Let me share an experience I just had with a customer going going the extra mile.

On Tuesday 07/12/11 I had the pleasure of speaking with a new customer and during the course of our conversation she told me her birthday was the next day and she would be turning 86. Coincidental we share the same birthday. We both thought this was really neat and we ended our conversation wishing each other Happy Birthday.

I was not in the office on the 13th but had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I returned the next day. Thursday morning I was listening to my voice messages and the first one I listened was a sweet voice singing me happy birthday. This wonderful, sweet lady took time to call me on her birthday to sing happy birthday to me! I can not fully express how wonderful this felt. I have been smiling ever since!

Here’s to “over the top” customers!


Hot Tub Covers Are Easy

July 12th, 2011 by

How to Care for Your Spa Covers or Hot Tub Covers


Spa and hot tub covers are necessary to protect the inner workings of your spa or hot tub by keeping out debris and dirt from the water. These covers will also prevent children and pets from falling inside the unit and getting injured. In order to have your spa cover or hot tub cover last a long time, you will need to take proper care of it. Failure to take care of your spa or hot tub cover will have it cracking and fading in no time. This will consequently result in damage to your hot tub, as well as potential injury to your family.



The first thing to do in order to extend the life of your spa or hot tub cover is to clean it. Avoid using detergent based soaps, dish washing soaps; alcoholic products or any other cleaning products that contain bleach, as these could damage the vinyl in the cover. Ask your spa or hot tub cover manufacturer for recommendations on which products to use, or simply use water and some elbow grease.


Inspect your spa or hot tub cover for any signs of damage or wear on a regular basis. Check for small holes or cuts in the vinyl. These should be immediately repaired to prevent the inner foam core from getting damaged due to moisture build up and mold growth.


Simple repairs can be completed on the inner plastic layer by covering the holes with some clear packing tape. If possible, buy a vinyl repair kit to patch up any holes or cuts in the outer vinyl layer.


You will also need to look into ways of preventing mold from building up on your spa or hot tub covers. Most good quality covers will come already treated with anti-mold agent. Depending on your particular environment, you may need to apply additional protection. Again, it would be wise to consult your cover manufacturer for recommendations on which products to use.

At least 3-4 times a year, you should apply quality UV vinyl protection to your hot tub cover. This will help protect it from cracking and drying, due to exposure to the sun. Be sure to consult your cover manufacturer on which products to use. At least once a year, remove the foam core sections from inside the vinyl cover and flip them over, to help reduce sagging in your  hot tub covers and spa covers.

- Jack

Hot Tub Covers – How to Order a Spa Cover

July 6th, 2011 by

Hot Tub Covers Are Easy To Order


Hot tubs are a steamy water tub that makes your body and mind relax, healing and soothe. Your system of spa treatment involves and requires some other accessories. If you are looking for a replacement hot tub cover, here’s some help on how to order replacement spa covers.

First, you must perform some measurements. You can be confused about what you should measure, the size of your spa or the size of the cabinet where the tub fits. Measure to the outside of your spa shell (not the cabinet). On our section for ordering spa covers, you can order by Manufacturer; make and model – or you can order by spa shape. Once you select shape, you will be asked to enter a few dimensions.


Enter Dimensions

Be precise in your measurements, and enter in the exact measurements, from outer edge (of spa) to the opposite outer edge. Be sure to measure at right angles to the spa. A rigid measuring tape is best.

Enter in the exact decimal measurement (e.g. 84.25) onto the spa cover order form page, Step 2.

enter the dimensions, right on our website

Select Color

Just below the area for entering measurements, you can select the color of your new spa cover. Choose a color that appeals to you, or matches the surrounding decor.


Make your selection for the type of insulation that you want your spa cover to have. The foam core of your spa affects the strength and the insulation value (R-value) of your spa cover. Thicker foam cores will give your spa cover more durability and heat retention than thinner foam cores.

Continuous Heat Seal

A continuous heat seal protects your foam core from taking in moisture, by blocking any point of access through the fold. Standard spa covers have a continuous seal on each side of the fold, and this added protection also seals up the fold, when the two halves are joined together. I would recommend this add-on option.

Double Wrapped Core

Having your foam core wrapped with two layers of moisture protection helps ensure a longer life spa cover, by having two barriers to keep out moisture longer.

Heavy Duty Windstrap

This option allows you to secure the cover with heavy duty straps that are double sewn. All covers includes straps, but if you want extra strong straps, for high wind areas or just for extra spa security, select this option.

People say that our online process of ordering a spa cover is easier than others. I hope so, we work hard to make our online utility very user friendly!

To see how easy it is to order replacement  Spa Covers and  Hot Tub Covers go to today .


To All of You out There Thank You! If I Were There, I’d Hug Ya!

March 3rd, 2011 by

big-hug for our customers

I have been a customer service representative at Hot Tub Works for almost 5 years and I love what I do. However a good portion of the job is helping customers who have had a less than ideal situation (example: a damaged package delivered) and may be upset when calling in.

It is a wonderful feeling to offer a solution and bring the old fashioned “over the top” customer service into reality and turn a potentially bad experience into a good one for our customers.

Our honest desire to make your experience with Hot Tub Works enjoyable from beginning to end usually surprises people and I absolutely love it when they call in or email us about their experience in genuine “over the top” customer service.

To all of you out there thank you! If I were there, I’d hug ya!


Single Mother Fun – Outside of my Hot Tub

September 2nd, 2009 by


Being a single mother of 4 and working full time does not leave much free time however being a mother is a joy and a gift worth more than free time.

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is watching my girls play soccer. I have 3 teenage daughters who play AYSO Soccer and their games are so fun to watch!

I can’t believe the skills these girls have. The games can get pretty rough sometimes but in the end they all have fun and I do too.

My Bike was Stolen Last Night

September 2nd, 2009 by

my-stolen-bikeMy bike was stolen last night. Who Stole My Bike?!?

It was an awesome bike, a black and pink beach cruiser that was gifted to me by a good friend. It was not new, but I didn’t care. It had a cool basket with a black and pink zebra print liner that was the perfect size to hold a bag of groceries. I rode it to the beach every week, and some days that was a 20 mile round trip if I went all the way to the Wedge in Newport. I even rode it to work quite often! I’ll never forget to looks on the faces of the warehouse guys when I rolled up that first day. One day I left it in the hallway and Jerry almost tripped over it.

I could ride from my house along the river trail (which is actually a flood control channel – only here in the ‘asphalt jungle’ would we refer to it as a river) and get to our office in about 30 minutes. What a great way to start the day! I was getting exercise and saving on gas money. The time on my bike to and from work was sacred. It really helped me to forget about my stuff for awhile, and just enjoy the fresh air and cool scenery along the way. I rode that bike almost every day, even if it was just around the block.

My favorite ‘bike adventure’ memory was just last Thursday. It might have been the hottest day of the year. I got home from work and my daughter and I jumped on our bikes and rode to the beach for some relief. What started off as a way to cool off ended up being a great bonding experience for the two of us. Soon she will be a teenager and won’t have time to ride bikes with mom!

Maybe whoever stole my bike needed it more than me. I only know they won’t enjoy it as much as I did.