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Deep Cleaning your Spa or Hot Tub

May 10th, 2013 by

Deep Cleaning your Spa or Hot TubYour Spa or Hot Tub is wonderful for restful relaxation or romantic evenings – but there is a dark side. Maintenance and Care.

Just like owning a car, there are specific and regular treatments needed to keep it running and looking good. Unlike my car however, my spa is easy to clean, maintain and service.

Here’s the what I do to really deep clean my hot tub, which I do every 3 months – or sooner, if I’m planning a big hot tub party, or we’ve had a “high-use weekend”.


Clean the Pipes

If your spa is like mine, it has dozens of jets and hundreds of feet of hidden pipes and hoses. Scientists discovered that BioFilm bacteria can find harbor inside the plumbing and equipment of hot water tubs. Just like carbon build-up in your car, it’s best to remove these deposits regularly to keep the spa sanitary. I use a product called Jet Clean the night before I plan to drain the hot tub. As it circulates, it breaks down scale and biofilm, so that I can flush it out with my next day draining.

Clean the Filter

After I have circulated the Jet Clean, I remove the filter cartridges and spray in between the pleats with my garden hose. Then, I drop it in a bucket of Spa Filter Clean solution and let is soak overnight. In the morning, as I’m draining the spa, the spa filter gets another cleaning with the garden hose (until it stops foaming), and I set it in the sun to dry. Drying your spa cartridges, before re-installing, helps kill any remaining bacteria, and lets the fibers open up and “breathe” just slightly.

Drain the Spa

First, shut off the power to the spa, in preparation for draining. Most spas have a water valve underneath, where a garden hose is connected. If not, a small submersible pump can be used. As it’s draining, I move the garden hose around my yard to recycle the water. When it’s half empty, I use another garden hose with a spray nozzle to spray into the jets and skimmer. If you notice any algae or slimy discoloration, remove the jet eyeballs and drain covers, and soak them in a chlorine solution. Use a bottle brush to scrub inside the pipes, and hose out again with fresh water.

Clean the Shell

My spa is an acrylic shell, with a beautiful shiny silver finish. To clean the inside of the shell, I spray on CitraBright and wipe it down with a soft cloth. Even though the spa shell looks clean, I’m always amazed at the amount of dirt on the cloth. It’s important to not use any household cleaners or other products that could contain harmful chemicals or phosphates. You don’t want that stuff in your spa water. Citrabright cleans fast with no residue, and has a nice Orange County scent.

Protect the Shell

Fast Gloss seals and protects the shell of the spa from sunlight and spa chemicals. What I really like about it, and why I use it, is that it makes my spa shine like it’s brand new! It also removes any streaking left over from the cleaning process. Just wipe it on, and buff a bit – real easy. It also lasts a long time, I think I’ve had my bottle for over 2 years now. After this treatment, I begin to fill the spa. Mine takes about 3-4 hours to fill, so I might have to delay filling, or adjust my schedule so I don’t overflow the spa (again)!

Clean the Spa Cover

I can’t work for a Hot Tub cover company and have a ratty looking spa top! My spa cover is 4 years old, but it still looks great. I use our hot tub Cover Care and Conditioner every 3 months. This is a combination cleaner and conditioner, in one step – just wipe it on, and wipe it off. I also use it on the spa pillows.

Clean Underneath

My spa equipment sits underneath the spa. It’s a nice warm place for small critters to hide, and maybe damage something, so keep this area of your spa clean too. I normally use my long extension on my vacuum cleaner, and suck up any cobwebs or debris. Occasionally, I spray it with a hose, but I’m careful about the electronics. If you find any evidence of rodents, you can use poison bait, or try Mouse-Away, which repels them with a cute mint sachet.

And that’s it! That’s how I do it anyway. Every 3 months, just like changing the oil in your car – give your spa a deep clean, and it can look like new – nearly forever!


Gina Galvin
Hot Tub Works

Signs That You Need a New Spa Filter Cartridge

April 4th, 2013 by



At Hot Tub Works, we spend a lot of time thinking about spa filter cartridges – maybe too much time! They are one of our largest selling product lines, and a topic that our customers bring up quite a bit.

The question is “How do you know when to replace the spa filter?” Aside from indications of total failure, such as rips in the fabric or a cracked end cap – how can you determine when the filtering ability has diminished?



How Long Do Spa Filters Last?

I wish that they cartridges would change color or something, so that spa owners know – that their filter has reached it’s “half-life”. Fact is, each time you clean the cartridge, the fabric fibers are stretched apart a little bit more, which reduces dirt trapping ability.

By the time you have cleaned your cartridge a dozen times, it can be allowing twice the volume of matter to slip through the material, passing right through your hot tub filter. So, one way to determine when to replace is to set a schedule for cleanings, and when you reach 10-15 cleanings, it’s time to replace the cartridge.

Many of our customers have a schedule where they simply replace the cartridge on an annual basis, at the same time each year.

How Often do You Clean It?

Another way to easily tell when the spa filter has reached it’s half-life, is when the time interval between cleanings increases. If you were formerly able to maintain water clarity or proper filter pressure with a monthly cleaning, but now it has to be done every two weeks, you can assume that your filter cartridge is clogged with minerals or oils.

Spa filter cleaners can help remove this gunk, or it may be time to just replace the hot tub filter(s).

Spa Water Clarity

A third way to measure your cartridge effectiveness is to look at your spa water. Is it as clear and sparkly as you want, or does it look dull and dirty?

You may find yourself compensating for a weak spa filter by using more sanitizer than you used to use, or having to run the spa filter longer – in order to achieve the same degree of water clarity in your spa.

Spa Filter Tips

To help your spa or hot tub filters last longer, follow these tips:


  1. Always have a spare spa filter to use while cleaning and drying the dirty spa filter
  2. Drying after cleaning helps kill any remaining bacteria and contaminants
  3. Use a spa filter cleaner every 3-6 months, to remove oils and mineral deposits
  4. Don’t use a brush while cleaning, and don’t use a pressure washer
  5. Don’t use any household chemicals, soaps or detergents

To keep your spa sparkling and safe to use, replace your spa filter cartridges every 12-24 months. With our low prices, at up to 50% off retail – there’s no excuse not to buy new filter cartridges for your spa or hot tub!

- Jack

Hot Tub Infographic

November 14th, 2012 by

Hot Tub infographics are all the rage now. This is one of the best, made from our friend Matt at SwimUniversity. It covers spa water care, spa filter care, spa water replacement, spa cover care, and finally cabinet and shell care. A full guide to spa and hot tub care. Print it out or pin/post to share the page with your friends!

A Complete Guide to Hot Tub Care by Swim University



Spa Filters That Perform

August 15th, 2012 by


At Hot Tub Works, we offer the highest quality hot tub filters made, with the best media available; Reemay, a spun polyester. Below if some research conducted by our filter manufacturer to illustrate how our filters out perform the competition.



One of our competitors has recently introduced a new filtration fabric. They claim that this new fabric is so effective, nothing cleans better or faster. They even go so far as to sell you a 3-ounce filter for pools, when systems using 4-ounce filter fabric are the only ones that pass NSF Standard 50. What’s more, the use of 4-ounce filters is universally supported by pool OEMs.

We don’t think a substandard filter is good for you or your spa.

Think all cartridges are alike? Think again. Without seams that can crack and collapse, FILBUR one-piece, punched PVC cores are stronger than the molded ones found on competitor cartridges. Not only that: Our end caps offer integrated fittings for easy installation and removal, eliminating the need for PAD adapters.



Reemay is Heavier.
Reemay’s 28% greater weight means more fibers per area to capture more dirt.

Reemay is Thicker.
At 62% thicker, Reemay offers more fibers to collect dirt. Greater thickness means greater dirt-holding capacity and much less chance for dirt to escape the fabric.

Reemay is Sturdier.
135% stiffer means greater pleat integrity, less chance of puncture and tearing for longer life.


Substandard filter fabric means a substandard filter cartridge. One that can plug more quickly, require frequent cleaning, deliver inferior water clarity and need replacement more often. In the long run, this costs consumers more, risking your business. Reemay holds 59% more dirt before clogging.

At Hot Tub Works, we stock over 10,000 spa filters for every make and model that has ever made.  If you need a quality spa filter at a great price with free shipping, you can find them here: Spa Filters.


Sundance Spa Filters 2000-2005

August 9th, 2011 by


This is a Sundance Spa Filters Matrix for years 2000-2005.

If you click the HTF-xxxx at the top of the chart it will take you to the  right filter.

Or  you can a see a full list of all Sundance Spa Filters click here: Sundance Spa Filters


Filter Matrix Sundance (2000-2005)
Spa Year Spa Model (1) HTF-2386    (1) HTF-2387 HTF-2760 HTF-2770 HTF-2780 HTF-2790 HTF-6540-507 HTF-2811 HTF-2810 w/ HTF-6540-502
2000-2001 Altamar
2000-2002 Aruba
2000-2002 Bahia
2000-2002 Bali
2000-2001 Cameo
2000-2001 Capri 2001 2000
2000-2001 Caprio/ Caprio ST
2003-2005 Cayman
2000-2002 Cyprus
2003-2005 Hermosa
2003-2005 Legunas
2005 Majesta
2000-2001 Marin
2000-2001 Maxxus
2004-2005 Metro
2000-2001 Optima
2000-2002 Palermo
2003-2005 *Redondo
1997-2005 Solo
2000-2001 Tango

* Redondo spas built before June 1, 2003 use the 6540-720 Filter cartridge with 6540-719 skimmer assembly

Sundance Filter Matrix 1990-1999

July 28th, 2011 by


Spa Model (1) HTF-2386 (1) HTF-2387 HTF-2390 HTF-2730 HTF-2740 HTF-0161 HTF-2790 HTF-2710 HTF-1630
All Allergo
1998-1999 Altamar
1998-1999 Aspen
1998-1999 Autin
1990-1991 Cabaret
1990-1994 Calypso 1993-1994 Mid 1990 1990-92
1995-1999 Calypso I / and II
1991-1994 Cameo
1990 Cameo Jr.
1990 Cameo Jr. Jamb.
1990 Cameo SE
1993-1999 Capri 1993-1994 1995-1999
1998 Cheyenne
1995-1997 Corum
1990-1991 Gemini 1990 1991
1998-1999 Hartford
All Liberty
1990-1991 Los Cabos 1990 1991
1998-1999 Madison
1990-1991 Mardi Gras 1990 1991
1990-1999 Marin 1990 1993-1994 1995-1999 1991-1992
1990-1999 Maxxus 1991-1994 1995-1999
1991 Montego Mid Year
1993 Mid 1993
1993-1999 1993-1996 1997-1999
1998-1999 Olympia
1995-1999 Optima
1991 Rio Mid 1991
1992-1994 1992-1994 Mid 1992
1987-1997 Royal 1990 1991-199 1995-1997
1994 Suntub
1990-1991 Supra Lounger 1990 1991
1991-1999 Tango Mid 1991 1991-99
1998-1999 Telluride
1998-1999 Vail


Click here for all hot tub filters or spa filters.



Sundance Spas Filters 2006-Current

July 26th, 2011 by


Spa Year Spa Model HTF-0315 HTF-2390 HTF-2385 HTF-2770 HTF-6540-507 HTF-2780 HTF-6541-397 HTF-2810 w/ HTF-6540-502
2006 Altamar
2006 Bahia
2006-2007 Burlington
2006 Cameo
2006 Capri
2006 Caprio/ Caprio ST
2006 Cayman
2007+ Camden
2007+ Certa
2007+ Chelsee
2006+ Denali
2008+ Dover
2007+ Hamilton
2007+ Hartford
2007+ Hawthorne
2006 Majesta
2006 Marin
2006 Maxxus
2006-2007 Metro
2006 Optima
2006 Palermo
2006-2007 Solo
2006+ Tacoma

Sundance Spa Filters Matrix 1980-1989

July 19th, 2011 by



If You Are Looking For Sundance Spa Filters for Any Year, click here: All Sundance Spa Filters (50% off Retail)

We often get questions about older Sundance Spa Filters, so Nick in CS was kind enough to create this chart.  We will publish a chart for the newer Sundance Spa Filters as well.

All the part numbers are linked so if you just click either the Sundance Spa Filter number or just click on the Sundance Spa Model you will be taken to the right Sundance Spa Filters.

All of the filters we sell are from the same factory source as Sundance Spa Filters, the spa filters are exactly to Sundance Spas  Filters factory specs.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 800-772-0292.

Spa Filters Matrix Sundance Spas (1980-1989)
Spa Year Spa Model HTF-2725 HTF-2730 HTF-2740 HTF-0141 HTF-0161 HTF-2710
All Allergo
1990-1991 Cabaret
1991-1994 Cameo
1990 Cameo Jr.
1990-1991 Gemini
All Liberty
1990-1991 Los Cabos
1990-1991 Mardi Gras
1990-1999 Marin 1987-1989 1984-1986
1987-1997 Royal 1987-1989
1989 Serena
1985 Silverado
1985-1989 Supra 1985-1989
1990-1991 Supra Lounger 1985-1989

Hottubworks Spa Community

May 6th, 2011 by

One of the most useful but underutilized parts of the site is the Spa Community section. This section could be found on the home page of on the left side highlighted in blue or there is a link to each section below:


Hot Tub Tool Box

How to Videos







Under the Hot Tub Tool Box section you will find helpful articles and walkthroughs on chemicals and installation of various hot tub parts including pumps, equipment, etc.

Under the How-to-Video section there are instructional videos on how to turn a wet end, install an equipment pack, etc. and there are also instructional videos and informational videos on a majority of the major items on our site.

One of the best parts about this section of the site is that some of the videos actually are demonstrated by our staff, including an information video on pre-filters told by me.

The forum section is helpful to find answers to questions that aren’t available through videos or to find answers to questions during our off hours.

The blog – well, you know about the blog – over 300 articles of interest to spa owners.

Also, as always, we are available by phone if you ever want to discuss any additional questions that you may have. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

~Nicholas Proves Customer Service is Key

April 29th, 2011 by

hot-tub-spa-consumer-reviewsI love it when I can open my email and see so many client comments and reviews on our products but even more importantly our people.  We are truly a company who cares about our customers and that’s what its all about.

We don’t claim to be perfect yet we are trying to get better everyday.  I’m grateful to work with such an amazing group of people!

These are the reviews just from this morning’s email……..


No question just want to say thanks for the spa cover you built it raised my spa core temp from 75 to 98-102 with just the cover change. I have talk to 3 freinds that will need covers soon a tolded them what you did for me they have seen the cover an like it will order soon thanks again for doing what you do an do it right
Customer Name: kenneth l

Contact VIA email

Hi Brian,
First of, thanks for your help and expertise.  It really made me feel comfortable in making my purchase.  Your warranty and return policy on your product was also a deciding factor for me.  It was much better than your competitors.
Second, I just wanted to mention that the flex pack installed surprisingly easy.  It took longer for me to cut out the hole for the digital control than it was to screw down the pump and control pack.  I was able to use my existing fittings without any problems.  I’d say it took me an hour tops and I was ready to go. So far it’s working great.
Since I’ve done a lot of the research in comparing different companies on prices, warranty, and BBB ratings, I’ve already recommended you to my coworker who will be in the market for a spa pack.

Thanks again!


COMMENT: Thank you to Leata, EXT #108, for the wonderful customer service she provided with my recent order (4-25-11). I was attempting to order filters for my swim spa without a part number; and while the one I looked up on the internet would have physically fit, it would have be very inefficient for the size of my unit. She recommended getting parts numbers for the housing assembly, and after calling her back, she matched the approprate spa filter based on that & the actual size of my swim spa. She went above and beyond my expectations in providing EXCELLANT CUSTOMER SERVICE. She was polite,helpful, and informative throughout the entire process; even when calling her back with details near COB. Thank you so much. Please relay my comments to her. You can bet you will recieve several orders from me in the future. KUDOS!
Customer Name: Shawn Jones

Contact VIA email


To Whom it May Concern,
I called and talked with Lietta (ext. 108) regarding this order shortly after I received this e-mail.  My son is getting married on Saturday May 30th and we are hosting the rehearsal dinner as well as having several of our close friends stay with us for the weekend.  And I really needed my New Hot Tub cover before the 29th.  She has tracked the manufacture of the spa cover and talked with the freight company several times to ensure delivery before the 29th.  I received my new spa cover yesterday May 27th and I wanted to drop you a note and say “THANKS” for the excellent customer service and let you know that you have a very valuable employee in Lietta.  She called me several times to let me know the progress of the cover and it was greatly appreciated.  I wish all customer service people were as kind and understanding as Lietta.  Don let her get away from you!

Thanks very much from a very satisfied customer.