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Hot Tub Covers Save Water and Energy

July 9th, 2012 by


We help people save energy and water with our hot tub covers. In fact our covers were approved by Oregon Energy Trust for a $100 rebate because we can save up to 40% of energy with our energy saving hot tub covers.

That being said, there are many other ways to save around the home.

Learning to conserve water and energy is very important. As humans, we tend to over-consume, leading to unacceptable amounts of waste. Living sustainable starts in your home. Between showering, laundry, running your spa and lighting the rooms of your house, we waste energy every single day. However, there are many ways you can start saving today.

Adapting to taking shorter, “efficient” showers and using less lighting, can be very beneficial. Another effective way to conserve is by updating your old appliances to low-flow, energy efficient, or water conserving equipment. By using less and updating your appliances, you can quickly conserve a lot and lower your bills!

Let’s take a closer look with this Acting Green vs. Buying Green:


Energy and Water Efficient Spa & Hot Tub Operation

  • Keep your spa cover in good condition, and well fitted.
  • Reduce temperature during times it’s unused.
  • Use low speed only unless you’re using the spa
  • Keep your spa filter clean. Replace the cartridge annually.


Modern Hot Tub Covers

June 29th, 2012 by


Some of Our Hot Tub Covers

I found some great hot tubs pictures which clients are always looking for for new ideas.  The hot tubs actually have hot tub covers which we made here at hottubworks. The wooden tub has a roll top cover which work great if your hot tub is gas heated. If you have an electric heated hot tub then the insulating hot tub cover is the best choice.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do. Some awesome homes in these pictures. If we’ve made your spa cover, send us a picture!


If you had your hot tub or spa cover made by Hot Tub Works, leave your picture in the comments below. I’d love to post it to this page!


7 Hot Tub Safety Tips

June 26th, 2012 by

 Seven ways to Improve Hot Tub Safety



A woman was found dead in a hot tub last week in Nevada. No foul play is suspected, it seems that she may have just slipped under the water.

Spas are very relaxing and can sometimes be too relaxing!

It seems to me to be a good time to provide some helpful spa safety tips for spa and hot tub owners.


  1. If you have a medical conditions, check with a doctor, and invite a buddy to join you. Safety in pairs.
  2. Hot tubs will increase blood flow and heart rate, so if you have issues with either, be careful.
  3. Don’t stay in the spa for too long. 30 min max. Get out and cool off every 15 minutes is best or keep tub at lower temp.
  4. Stay hydrated with water. Booze is not a good mix with hot water. Alcohol hits you quicker in a spa.
  5. When not using Hot Tub, always place a locking hot tub cover on the hot tub.  This will protect you and little ones from harm.
  6. Never allow children to use the spa or hot tub unsupervised.
  7. Ensure that your spa drain covers are secured properly to prevent entrapment

I know that these seem like common sense points about hot tub safety yet everyday we see reports of people ingnoring these simple guidelines.

Hot Tubs Keep You Healthy

May 17th, 2012 by

Hot Tubs help fight hypertension & diabetes

relaxing by the hot tub

Hot Tub Lifestyle

Quote startRegular hot tub bathing may help fight hypertension & diabetesQuote end

Gatwick, UK (PRWEB UK) 17 May 2012

We always knew that hot tubs were a great place to relax with family and friends, and to get a heavenly, soothing massage, but research shows that they are also good for your health, helping fight off serious diseases like hypertension and diabetes, according to hot tub specialists Waterstream Hot Tubs, regional distributors for respected American hot tub manufacturer Spa Crest Hot Tubs.

The UK has seen a huge rise in numbers diagnosed with diabetes, rising from 1.4 million in 1996 to 2.9 million today. Estimates suggest that over four million people will have diabetes by 2025 with most cases being Type 2 diabetes, due to the rise in the numbers who are obese and an increasingly ageing population. More than ever there is an acute need to find ways to combat type 2 diabetes.

According to a report in this week’s ‘The Guardian’, the newspaper of the University of California at San Diego, results of numerous studies catalogue the positive health benefits of regular hot-tubbing, in particular Dr Philip Hooper noted in a 1999 article in the New England Journal Of Medicine that tests on diabetic patients showed significant reductions in blood glucose levels, after only three weeks of hot tub bathing for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week!

In 1962 in Pavia, Italy, Ferruccio Ritossa accidentally discovered the ‘heat shock response’, while studying molecular genetics. A fellow student increased the temperature of his drosophila (fruit fly) incubator to higher than normal. When Ritossa examined the drosophila cells, he noticed changes in a way that makes DNA more accessible to be copied, or transcribed, which he discovered was being caused by the increase in temperature. Last year, Drs Virginia Vega and Laura Alexander from UCSD demonstrated that the heat shock response improves the condition of non-obese diabetic mice.

Coupled with other benefits such as a reduction in blood pressure, reduced weight due to buoyancy, and lowered stress on the joints, Alex Kemsley, managing director of Waterstream Ltd based in Handcross nr Gatwick says that the public are welcome (by appointment) to bring along their bathing costumes so that they can try out the superb Spa Crest range at their showroom to experience the benefits for themselves. And best yet, because they recirculate and filter their water, hot tubs are exempt from the hosepipe ban!

If you need spa filters, hot tub covers, or spa chemicals; please visit

University of California at San Diego (
Diabetes UK (


Going Green For Hot Tub Covers

April 23rd, 2012 by

Going Hot Tub Cover Green

Not THAT kind of Green Spa or Hot Tub!

Not THAT kind of Green Spa or Hot Tub!

Recently we crossed another milestone – our spa and hot tub cover production reached the very exciting new level of 500,000 hot tub covers manufactured. The growth over the last seven years has not been easy but it has been rewarding. We have been able to create more jobs, buy more raw materials, and provide more shipping contracts for all of our domestic partners.

One of the aspects that we are most proud of our operation is the technology we have invested in. All raw materials in our production facility are cut by automated machines, making our waste the lowest possible, creating a safe work place, and the greenest operation in our industry. Our order processing system is state of the art, and updates me on each order every 15 minutes. By using computer and industrial technologies, we have lowered our energy consumption and been able to produce higher quality hot tub covers (which protect hot tubs from wasting energy!).

And also quite recently, our hot tub covers were awarded the Energy Trust certification by Oregon. This means our Ultra and Works spa cover models exceed their energy savings guide lines. Oregon Energy Trust has created a rebate program for residents of Oregon to receive a rebate of $100 dollars on one of our Ultra and Works spa covers. The rebate is awarded because these spa covers save energy. They not only reduce demands for electricity but also have a big impact to the operational costs and energy bills for the home owner. It’s great program and we are proud to involved.

Here is the Energy Trust Program:

Energy-efficient spa covers can save money and last longer

Energy-efficient outdoor spa covers save energy by slowing unwanted air escape or intrusion between outdoor air and the heated water in your spa. Covers also keep debris out, decreasing demand on your heating, filtration and pumping components. Energy-efficient spa covers are framed and fully insulated—even at the folding seam—which helps you use less energy to maintain the temperature of your water, even when your spa is not in use, or is in standby mode.

Energy Trust offers a cash incentive for energy-efficient spa covers.

Energy Trust Incentives

Outdoor spa cover: $100 rebate

To qualify for this incentive:

  • Outdoor spa cover must be purchased through Energy Trust’s list of participating retailers.
  • Spa unit must be located outside and be heated with electricity or natural gas
  • Spa cover with air chambers must be at least two inches thick at all points; spa cover with a foam core must be at least three inches thick at all points
  • Spa cover should be one continuous piece, insulated to a minimum R-12, or a folding spa cover must have a hinge insulated to a minimum R-12

Oregon customers primarily heating their spa with electricity or natural gas from Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas can participate.

Oregon homes that heat with oil, propane, kerosene, butane or wood can conduct their own energy audit and apply for cash rebates for installed weatherization upgrades through the Oregon Department of Energy’s SHOW (State Home Oil Weatherization) program.

Energy Trust does not pay incentives for energy-efficient improvements that are mandated for building code compliance, such as remodeling, renovation or new additions to the home.


Follow these easy steps to get cash for purchasing an outdoor spa cover:

1: Establish your eligibility

2: Purchase a qualified outdoor spa cover from a participating retailer (Like HotTubWorks!)

3: Sign and submit your application within 90 days of purchase.

Mail or fax your signed and completed application, participating retailer receipt and manufacturer packaging slip to:

Energy Trust of Oregon
Existing Homes
P.O. Box 40508
Portland, OR 97240

Fax: 1.866.516.7592

The Importance of Spa Cover Lifts

April 3rd, 2012 by

Spa Cover Lift Benefits

spa cover  lift

As any spa owner knows, a cover is essential to maintaining a spa. It keeps the spa protected from small children and pets, and it also keeps insects, dust, and debris from polluting the spa. It’s biggest benefit, a necessity really, it the ability to trap heat in the spa. Without a spa cover, you would have trouble heating to full temperature, and spend countless amounts on electricity (or gas) to heat your hot tub.

Spa lifts do have one disadvantage however. They are usually large, unwieldy, and heavy – discouraging spa usage because they require so much effort to pull on and off of the spa.

Spa cover lifts make a perfect accessory to any spa. Not only are they easy to install, but they’re also highly affordable and great time savers. Many spa owners consider them essential because spa lifts make it so much easier to enjoy their spa without the strenuous effort of lifting the cover on and off.

Good spa covers are heavy; in fact, the better the quality of the insulated spa cover, the heavier it will be. In addition, over time, the spa cover may absorb moisture, thus making it even heavier.

Purchasing a spa lifter will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a heavy spa top without the manual effort associated with using it. It will increase the pleasure of your spa, as well as encourage you to continuously use a cover when the spa is not in use. It also protects your spa cover from damage during removal, or from falling over. So, in a way, a spa cover lift can be considered a way to protect your spa cover investment, as well as reduce your spa heating expense.

Since there are many types of covers, a spa owner has many choices when it comes to cover lifts. Generally speaking, heavier covers average around 25-30 pounds. This weight is determined by the quality of the materials used and thickness of the cover. For the heavier hot tub covers, you will find it easier to use the heavier duty cover lifts.

A Mechanical Spa Lifter Makes the Work Easier

Usually the heavier spa covers require a mechanical lifter. This is because the cover can get heavier over time as it absorbs moisture. If trying to lift a heavy cover manually, you risk injuring yourself. Spa lifters require a simple and easy maneuver to remove the cover. No more struggling with a unwieldy spa top!

Spa Cover Lifts Protect your Spa Cover

In addition, even if you are a strong and agile person, you may accidentally break the cover when lifting it on and off. A mechanical lifter makes the work of removing a cover very easy, while storing it safely while not in use. Many spa covers are broken while removed from the spa, some simply by the cover falling over, and some by people falling over the spa cover!

A Variety of Spa Cover Lifts

Spa cover lifts come in different shapes and sizes. The mechanical lifter is ideal for heavy covers, but cheaper models are available as well. All cover lifters do the heavy lifting for you, making it easier for you to lift manually through use of basic physical properties. Cover lifts are designed to hold the cover off the ground, thus avoiding damage or dirtying of your spa cover. Spa lifts hold the cover to the spa’s side, either in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Advice for Buying a Spa Cover Lift

The best way to make an informed purchase is to carefully measure the cover as well as the spa enclosure clearance. It’s advisable to have a minimum of six inches of vertical clearance to operate your spa lift. Different models provide different horizontal clearance amounts for storing the spa cover in the removed position, so be sure to measure the distance from your spa to any adjacent walls or barriers. Finally, remember that the better the spa cover, the better the spa cover lift. Heavier covers require a more heavy duty cover lifter, for best performance and ease of use.

For more information about Personal Spa Cover Lift, please visit

New Hot Tub Warehouse For Bullfrog Spas

March 22nd, 2012 by

Bullfrog Spas Announces Improvements in Hot Tub Delivery with New Warehouse in Eastern Canada

BullFrog Hot Tub

BullFrog Hot Tub

Bullfrog Spas unveils new Milton, Ontario warehouse which will help get spas to Canadian hot tub dealers and customers faster.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) March 22, 2012

Bullfrog International, manufacturer of portable hot tubs with patented modular technology, announced a new warehouse in Milton, Ontario, Canada today. This warehouse is intended to increase delivery efficiency and to decrease customer wait times for spas purchased from Authorized Bullfrog Spa Dealers in Eastern Canada.

The warehouse is stocked with hot tubs in the most popular models and sizes. Any Authorized Bullfrog Spa Dealer will be able to order from this inventory and get spas to their customers faster.

This is welcomed news to both consumers and to hot tub dealers in Eastern Canada. Kelly Hare, at Premium Pools and Spas, a Bullfrog Dealer in New Brunswick, expressed what this means for their business, “We couldn’t be happier to hear about Bullfrog’s new warehouse. This effectively increases my inventory by 4 or 5 times and lets me get my customer their spa in days instead of weeks.”

Bullfrog Spas is the fastest growing spa manufacturer and continues to expand its presence in Canadian hot tub markets. Danielle Lavallee-Wasson, International Sales Director for Bullfrog Spas expressed her thoughts on what this means for Bullfrog Dealers in Canada: “Opening this warehouse in Milton, Ontario will allow us to better serve our dealership base as well as attract new dealers who will know that this new venture is another move that shows our firm commitment and support of our Canadian clientele.”

For customers looking for a specific custom hot tub model not stocked in the Ontario warehouse they may still order with their Authorized Dealer and have their spa shipped from the factory to their Dealer’s location.Bullfrog spas logo

For any questions on Bullfrog’s new Canada warehouse feel free to contact Bullfrog Spas at info@bullfrogspas or by calling 801.565.8111.

Bullfrog executives, including founder and President, David Ludlow, are available for interview.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: carries hot tub covers and supplies for Bullfrog Spas.

Hot Tub Cover Quote

March 14th, 2012 by

Custom Quotes on Spa Covers

Hot Tub Covers

This is a recent sample letter with most of what I normally send out to customers requesting a custom spa cover quote.

For unusual shaped or sized spa covers, we create a customized quotation for construction of our hot tub covers. We have 3 people who do this – it takes a lot of work but they make sure we get it right every time for the client.

Our quotations are emailed to you within hours and each quote is good for 30 days.

We can quote a cover for any size or shape spa or hot tub, and we have built some very unusually shaped, or gigantic spa covers.

Here’s how a typical spa cover quote looks:

I believe you have requested a quote once before so hopefully this one will arrive. The information you are requesting on a proposed cover for your Rio Swim Spa at 198” x 90” is enclosed. After reading, if you have any questions or wish to proceed, please give me a ring at 800-770-0292. ….and by the way….if you are shopping price alone, this may not be what you are looking for. If on the other hand, you want the best engineering, function, longevity, quality and warranty in a hot tub cover, I suggest you read on!

There are many levels of spa cover quality and pricing, so before your eyes drop down to the quote below, please note the differences between our product and others you may be considering. As a company that is used to shipping better than 1400 covers a month, we need to be sure our product is the best available today – and it is.

Any dimension which exceeds 96 inches is considered oversized. You should be able to find a few companies able to quote a cover this size, and some may actually have lower quotes than mine. The real key will be the warranty and the ability of the company to build a cover that will last and stand the test of time while providing good insulation and a lower utility cost.

The oversized covers we manufacture are designed mostly as four panel covers, however a cover this size would need to be a six panel cover. We do not fabricate five panel covers because the engineering is not conducive to a well made cover or a cover that can be tapered appropriately. If need be, I can quote as an oversized four panel cover. however the six panel cover will be stronger and easier to remove and replace.

The overall taper is 4 inches with the center point thickness at 6 inches and the outer edge measurement at 2 inches. This gives the cover a full 4 inch slope which is imperative in climates where covers need good rain drainage and/or snow melt capabilities. This design is supported by a framework composed of 10 galvanized steel braces on each side of all hinges and both sides of where each pair of panels attach with a Velcro flap. One of the best advantages of this type of cover is the ease of use and storage. This cover would fold and stack to 33” wide x 90” long x 24″ thick.

In short:
Based on a Rio Swim Spa at 198” x 90” three piece, six panel cover.

● Center panels 6-5 inch taper, 1# foam.
● Middle panels 5-4 inch taper, 1# foam.
● Outer panels 4-2 inch taper, 1.5# foam.
● Each three panels are attached with a vinyl hinge; however we can have each panel attach to the next with a Velcro flap if preferred. (Total of 5)
● Otherwise, each hinged set of panels will connect to another with a Velcro flap. (Total of 2)
● Total taper is 6 to 2 inches for rain run off.
● Total of 10 “U” channel braces span the spa for extra strength.
● Covered in 30 oz. marine grade vinyl with UV inhibitors built in.
● 12 safety straps (nylon webbing covered in matching vinyl)
● 6 handles.

Five year non pro-rated warranty.
Base price door to door, shipping included: $1649.99


Options available:
Foam upgrade to 1.5# and 2# @ $210.00 (Better strength and insulation; r value ranges to 19)
Foam upgrade to 2# all panels @ $310.00 (Better strength and insulation; r value ranges to 26+)
Continuous center heat seals (2) @ $120.00 (Also better insulation)
Double wrapped foam cores @ $120.00 (Increases thickness of moisture seal from 6 to 12 mil and extends cover life span 2-3 years)
Deck Anchor System @ $120.00 (Better security)
Wind Rated Safety Straps @ $120.00

The illustrations below show how our multiple panel covers are designed. The first is a four panel cover to show the construction. The second a six panel cover similar to yours.

This is our six panel cover in a four cut corner design. The cover you require would look similar to this.


No matter how you view this process, multiple panel spa covers are expensive. Our approach here has been to develop a cover for large spas that will stand the test of time, present an ease of use and storage and carry the best and longest warranty available. We have found in recent years that the “standard” or typical multiple piece covers being produced are usually flat, and about 3-4″ thick. This kind of construction is usually in the 6 – 8 hundred dollar range and yet has a shorter than average life span. That is primarily due to the flat construction and inability of the cover to handle moisture run off. Most of these covers tend to begin sagging as soon as they pool water or animals start resting or standing on them.

Michael, you will not find a better value for your spa cover investment when it comes to our quality, warranty and customer service backup. Should you choose Hot Tub Works, we will work to be sure the spa cover we manufacture meets all the size specifications as indicated by the information and CAD approvals you will provide prior to construction. Please acknowledge receipt of this mail if possible and let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

- Jack

Now, wouldn’t you like to get your own customized quote for a custom spa cover? You’ll find that our prices are fair and our workmanship outstanding – plus we’re a nice group of people to work with. Once you buy from Hot Tub Works spa cover, we are sure that you will recognize the difference between our spa covers and the “other guys”.

Hot Tub Covers for Marquis Reward

March 13th, 2012 by

The Make-A-Wish Spa

Marquis make-a-wish spa

We often get calls for spa covers for model so I wanted to post to make it available for all. It’s a hard cover to make by hand but since we use CAD files for all covers its as easy as a square hot tub cover.

So if you have a Marquis Reward Spa, or think you might – the drawing below will help you verify exactly that this is your model.

This model was also known as their “Make A Wish” model and I believe one of the most popular models.

Marquis Spas are great hot tubs made in Oregon and have been making spas or hot tubs for about 25 years.

The company is known for great filtration and solid customer service.  The one down side is they have a very limited number of spa dealers.

We find they have most dealer coverage in the North West which makes sense because that’s their backyard.

If you have a Marquis Spa and are looking for a spa cover but a different model, here is a list of all the models: Marquis Spa Covers

If you do not have the Marquis Make a Wish Spa – but are looking for a new spa cover or hot tub cover, you can order any shape or model of spa cover here : Spa Covers

Save Water in your Hot Tub

February 15th, 2012 by

How to Reduce Water Waste in Your Spa or Hot Tub



Each year, one household uses about 127,000 gallons of water. Between washing machines, faucets, toilets and showers, we use more water than what is necessary. By using low-flow water fixtures on appliances, the amount of water saved, and the resulting decrease on your water bill are both huge. In fact, if you install water-saving toilets in your home, you can save 24,000 gallons of water! Together, Americans could save more than 4 billion dollars and 2 trillion gallons of water by using low-flow water fixtures.


So with this in mind lets look at a few ways hot tub owners can save money and save water in the operation of their hot tub.

  1. Use a thermal blanket on the hot tub. Cuts evaporation down by 40% and improves heat retention. Saving you money for heating expense and water use.
  2. Keep your spa maintained. Hot tubs which taken care of get drained less often. So use a system like Frog Floating System. Easy and takes the guess work out of it.
  3. Use a pre-filter to drain your hot tub, which will pull out the chlorine and other matter. You can direct the water to open areas or use directly on plants or lawn.
  4. Replace your hot tub cover if it becomes broken, water logged or deflected inward. Buy a quality spa cover and it will reduce heat and water loss.

Here’s a great infographic produced on other ways to save water around your home. Thanks @elocal!

Home Water Conservation Infographic


Tip: Drain your spa regularly, but maintain a healthy spa to avoid unnecessary and frequent spa draining.