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Home Made Hot Tubs




I am always amazed the extent people will go to enjoy the warm soothing waters of a Hot Tub. I stumbled upon a group of people who figured out the best method of making a Hot Tub while camping.

Now I admit this is not the first time I have seen this. For example the guy who turned the front loader of his bull dozer into a Hot Tub heated by fire, or the people who used an old cast iron tub with a fire under the tub for their heat source.

What it does tell me is people love sitting in a hot tub and people are nuts. I appreciate both facts equally.

Here’s another photo of some innovative lads who have built a spa out of cases of beer, with a vinyl liner.


And here’s a nice hot tub, large enough to share with a close friend. Fully off-the-grid, too!


Ha Ha! Too funny….


– Jerry


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