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Counting our Blessings…


(written by Carla and Lietta)

dove-of-peace1We have to say that working as customer service representatives brings many unexpected blessings.Although we do not want anything to go wrong during our customers experience with HTW, being able to help solve a problem if one does arise is one of the reasons we are here to help.We believe in treating our customers as if they were our friends and do our best to show we care.  


We have to say that the biggest blessing is an unexpected complement from a customer, and it always brings a smile.When we receive an email from a customer that is positive we always send it out to all of the employees in the company.We work as a team to help our customers, and believe that all members of our team are important and vital to our team.It warms our hearts to know that we have been able to help someone get the perfect spa cover, the right chemicals to keep the water in their spa safe, or the parts they need to get their spa up and running again.


To get a phone call or e-mail letting us know we were helpful makes work more like home.What a joy to get paid to feel good.

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