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beam-me-up-scottyCaptain’s BLOG, Star Date 04/01/11-

Just like every ship has its captain and crew, so does Hot Tub Works.

When Captain Kirk was in a pinch and needed to get out of the situation, you would hear him say,”Beam me up Scotty!” Or something along those lines.

While working here I get a laugh every now and then from our great customers with a sense of humor. If I’m walking them through purchasing hot tub covers, finding cover lifters, or answering questions about spa chemicals, it puts a smile on my face when I hear, “thanks for beaming me up Scotty, I was in a pinch!”

The first time I heard it here, I was helping a customer with purchasing a hot tub cover. He tried local dealers, who wanted an arm and a leg for spa covers. I told him the prices for our hot tub covers and he said he was ready to get “beamed up.” I had to take a moment to chuckle. Needless to say, I would be glad to beam all of you up to the S.S. HOTTUBWORKS. (S.S.= Star Ship)

Do we really have a star ship…? Unfortunately not… Would we like to have one? Yes we would!

So thank you, our dear customers for making the day go by a little quicker with your humor.


PS: Kirk or Picard? …Oh yes he did! 🙂


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