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Spa Covers: Get the Most from Your Investment


spa cover


Spa covers are one of the most important investments you can make for your spa or hot tub. Not only will a cover keep your hot tub free of debris and ready to use, they also play an important role in conserving heat, water and chemicals. Quality hot tub covers can cost $250-$500, sometimes cost more. But with proper care and regular maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your spa cover and get the most from your investment.


Choosing the Right Cover

Sizespa cover measurement
It’s important to buy the right size. Improperly sized spa covers diminish your cover’s ability to conserve heat, water and chemicals, plus the foam panels are more susceptible to damage. A poorly fitted cover can also be an eyesore. With Hot Tub Works, you can easily search covers according to the make and model of your spa, or you can request a custom size and shape.

Insulationspa cover foam
For this part of the equation, it’s important to consider where your spa is located. Do you live in a mild climate, or are snowy winters a trademark for the area? An indoor model or a spa in warmer climates can use thinner, lower density 1 lb. foam, whereas an outdoor spa in cooler climates will need thicker and heavier 1.5-2 lb. density foam.

Other Options
There are more options to increase the efficiency and longevity of your new Hot Tub Works spa cover. A continuous heat seal provides additional structural support and helps in reducing heat loss. To prevent moisture from penetrating the foam, a double vapor barrier around your core is the best policy. If you live in windy or stormy climates, prevent damage to your cover by upgrade the existing safety straps with heavy-duty ASTM approved wind straps. Choose from 11 custom color options to complete the look of your new hot tub cover.inside a spa cover

Maintaining Your Cover

Let It Breathespa cover lifter
Even though the foam cores are sealed with a vapor barrier to lock out moisture, regular airing it out helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the rest of the cover. Simply open the cover and leave it off the spa for an hour twice a week or a few hours once a week. Using a spa cover lifter will make this job significantly easier, and a lifter will also prevent cover damage while it’s off the spa.

Strap it Down
When your spa or hot tub is not in use, it’s important to keep the cover strapped down or otherwise secured to prevent it from blowing open or falling into or off the spa. Securing your cover is also a safety measure to prevent accidents with children or pets.

Lighten the Load
On that same note, it’s important to keep heavy objects (including children and large pets) and excess snow accumulation off spa covers. Although covers are reinforced with sturdy metal braces, the added weight can damage the integrity of the foam and/or bend those braces, causing a progressive sagging effect.

Clean and Conditionspa cover cleaner and conditioner
Mother Nature is hard on vinyl covers. Freezing winters, sizzling summers, strong storms and the sun’s harsh UV rays all take their toll on a cover. To keep your cover looking better longer, it’s important to regularly clean and condition it. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as detergents, dish washing soap, alcohol-based products or products containing bleach, oil or silicone, as they can damage the vinyl. Only use specially formulated cover cleaners or cover wipes. Abrasive scrubbers will damage the finish, so use a small towel, soft sponge or soft-bristled brush instead.

Once your cover is clean, apply spa cover conditioner to keep the vinyl soft and pliable and resist damage from UV rays. Clean and condition your cover at least 3-4 times per year for best results. In between cleanings, it helps to keep it brushed off or wiped down to prevent accumulation of leaves, pollen, dust and dirt. In the event of mold or mildew growth, swab the area with diluted vinegar and allow the cover to dry out completely.

Other Tips
Check your cover regularly for damage or signs of wear. If the moisture seal around the foam core gets punctured or torn, patch the affected area immediately to prevent the foam from absorbing water. In addition, you can keep the foam cores from sagging by flipping them over once per year when the cover is completely dry. Another option to prolong the life of your cover is to purchase a cover cap for extra protection against UV rays, inclement weather, dirt and debris.


Whether you’re looking to update to a better spa cover, or you need to replace your old waterlogged cover, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at – including products to help you get the most from your spa cover. Build your own fully customizable cover, or browse our selection of pre-made covers ready for next day shipment.


Top Hot Tub Accessories For True Relaxation on Mother’s Day


hot tub accessories for mother's dayAlthough motherhood comes with its own rewards and perks, like hugs and messy artwork, coming in a close second is a quiet moment in the spa with a basket full of hot tub accessories. Being a Mom can be stressful. Moms run the house like a well-oiled machine, work to keep food on the table, help juggle school work with sports and other extracurricular activities, and let’s not forget the countless hours spent lending an ear, offering advice and helping their children grow up to be the best they can possibly be.

What better way to show appreciation to the mother in your life than with the gift of rest and relaxation on Mother’s Day? If you own a spa or hot tub, this will be pretty simple to do! Check out these luxurious hot tub accessories meant to treat your mother, grandmother, wife or other maternal figure to a day of relaxation on this special holiday. These are gifts she’ll not only appreciate on Mother’s Day, but long after, as well.


hot tub accessories

Aromatherapy Crystals by Spazazz

A relaxing session in the spa or hot tub can be made significantly more satisfying with a bit of aromatherapy. Spazazz offers more than 20 different scents from their line of aromatherapy crystals. It’s an all-natural product that acts as an anti-inflammatory and a stress reliever, and there’s a scent for just about every preference and purpose. There’s an invigorating Eucalyptus Mint and calming Warm French Vanilla from their Original Crystals line. Their specially formulated Rx Crystals products help ease pain in joints and muscles, boost circulation and revitalize energy levels. Better yet, try the Rx Detox Therapy Crystals to give the body an all-over boost. If you’re looking for something a little different, take a walk on the wild side with the incredible scent options offered through the Escape Crystals line of products. Who says that hot tub accessories can’t be romantic? There’s also a series of alluring Mood Crystals available for a relaxing night in.


hot tub accessories

Lighted Beverage Chiller

From wine and champagne to water or soda, it’s hard to beat a cool, refreshing beverage while taking a relaxing soak in the hot tub. Why not liven up the spa’s scenery with a color-changing LED lighted beverage chiller? Whether it’s cool, relaxing tones or warm, energizing colors, this unique ice bucket lights up in 24 different color settings to set the mood and help your mom ease into her favorite state of mind. After Mother’s Day is over, this trendy chiller is sure to be a conversation starter at your next backyard get-together. Built for outdoor and indoor use, this weatherproof ice bucket is also rechargeable and can last 8-10 hours on a single charge.



hot tub accessories

AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader

One of the most time consuming parts of owning a hot tub or spa is maintaining proper water balance. Before you start adding or adjusting chemical levels, you first spend several minutes analyzing test strip results. With hot tub accessories like the AquaCheck TruTest Digital Spa Tester, this task just got infinitely faster and easier. Simply add an AquaChek TruTest Test Strip to the digital reader, and get a clear-cut numerical reading for levels of free chlorine, bromine, pH and total alkalinity in mere seconds. Save your mom the time and hassle of visually analyzing old-fashioned test strips, and give her the gift of convenience and precision with this fast, accurate and easy-to-use water chemistry tester.



While she’s busy relaxing and enjoying her time in the spa, take Mother’s Day just one step further to show your mom how much you really care. Surprise her with a personal gesture such as a handmade decoration, a mid-day brunch, an outing to the movies or the local art museum, or you can even bring her a classic greeting card. The options for showing your appreciation are absolutely endless!