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A Simple Matter of Perspective



Jareck and I are off and blogging with the subject “We Care”. Now, Jareck has been here a few years – and being in the warehouse has “hands on” contact with the packages as they wing their way to our customers. I, on the other hand, have only been here a few months and have almost no interaction with customers unless someone wanders in off the street looking for accounting. Being a bookkeeper, I deal with vendors, payroll, and banking – the business end. Jareck & Julie….blog buddies? Talk about different points of view…


Jareck has a very ‘Zen’ perspective to his job in the warehouse. He truly cares about each package and wants it to be special. He thinks ‘How does this look to the customer? Does this package represent the company and the service we provide? Will the customer be excited to come home from work and see a neat box outside their door – and, so quickly received?’. To him, each package is a reflection of who we are and what we stand for – and the tangible evidence to our customers of the care and respect we have for them.


I may not deal with customers every day, but I do see first hand how we as co-workers care about each other. Excited for Alea’s trip to Vegas – rallying around Carla & Aaron when he had his motorcycle accident – proud of Jim and his band – everyone taking time for a smile, a hug, a laugh, whichever is needed at that moment. And the birthday cake here? It needs to be a line item in the budget! The love here is palpable.


So, the moral to our story? It’s easy to care about our customers, because we first care about each other. What a great place to work!

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