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A Hot Tub or Spa as a Metaphor for Life



This weekend I spent 48 solid hours with ten guys, one woman, and a hot tub that would fit us all. I know, sounds kinda weird. Yet, truth is it was wholesome and natural as you get. Before I explain further, some background; about 15 years ago, a small group of guys decided it would be a good idea to go away for a weekend and hang out.

The group of guys were mostly 40’s-50’s in age, and were well off enough to know the pursuit of money was not the holy grail and having a intimate relationship that lasts with a wife was not an easy deal. So, in their wisdom they invited a therapist to lead this retreat.

What happened was magical, the men delved deep into realms of their soul which none knew existed, they laughed, cried, spoke the unspoken, and connected to themselves and each other in a richness not fathomed. The experience was so meaningful they found it difficult to leave the gathering, yet they vowed to do it again. Now fast forward 15 years and 30 “retreats” later.

The setting amazing, a new home perched upon the hills above the beaches of San Clemente. The home belonged to the founding member of these gatherings, so it had special meaning we would be here in his new home. Most of the guys had been before, one brave man was new to the experience. What happens when guys start talking, I mean really talking, you know, talking about how they really feel. You know, the stuff you would never say to anyone mixed with other men sharing their deepest emotions. The result is almost impossible to transcribe, I would say it’s like sitting in the best hot tub in the world, warm water soothing your soul, so perfect you can only be grateful.

So I guess the metaphor would be this:

When I take the time to enjoy the hot tub,relaxing and appreciating the gift of soothing warm water, I become grateful for the experience.

Much like my life.


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