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banana-smileOne of the main reasons why we are always so helpful and happy on the phone when you call in is that Hot Tub Works is a great place to work. Not only does everyone get along but the owners do special little things to show their appreciation.

One of the main things they do is a raffle for a free car wash every Friday. I was lucky enough to win the last one!! Things like that really show how much we are appreciated and show how much they appreciate us.

I have worked at a lot of  places where they just treat their employees as numbers but here everyone is treated as an individual and is glorified for their accomplishments. And I think that shows in how we treat ever person that we talk to on the phone.

We are constantly getting reviews about how great our customer service is and how dealing with our company is such a great experience, from the phone message when you call in to the hint of a smile you could hear in our customer service representative’s voices.

So next time you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call we’re happy and ready to help you.

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