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First Hot Tub Blog Post

Hot Tub Geniuses

Early photo of the business geniuses taking a break from the challenging task of assembling a desk chair (L-R Jimmy, Geniuses Rick, Jerry and Chris, Sue)

OK, I admit it. When we first talked about creating a company blog, we were thinking about  the potential for marketing exposure. Well, to hell with that. Writing sales copy has almost no appeal to me personally and I suspect reading it would have even less appeal to you.

So we talked it over and we decided to write about our little enterprise differently than most companies with their thinly disguised press release update fluff masquerading as fascinating blog copy.

We decided instead to write an honest, running commentary of our business: the good times; the ugly times, even the impossibly boring times and we figured this would serve two purposes:

1. Give our customers a sense of who we are, how we operate and why we care and

2) Create a new way for us to communicate with our customers and amongst ourselves with the supposition that more communication will ultimately lead to fewer mistakes, more efficiency and, well, a better time for everyone.

So if you’ve read this far, you might be asking yourself what lunatic would open a Pandora’s box of possible public embarrassment by starting an open blog like this and the answer is me, Chris Tobey, one of the owners of HotTubWorks.

But the real question is how could my two business partners let me run with this disaster-waiting-to-happen in the first place? Well, fortunately for me , they are as crazy as I am.

Onward and Upward,

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