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Learning to Love through Small Acts of Service


rosie-hot-tub-bulldog Busy morning….Riley , my son, had a bad dream and woke up screaming which is not good re-entry into the waking world for him or me.  rush through my daily readings, short conversation with God, rush the kids to school, off to work.  Oh yeah….Rosie, the lovable stink bag of a Bulldog turned the car into her own special perfume factory.  Love her and I can’t wait to return the adorable stick pot back to her rightful owner Joe (Joe has been in Vegas for 4 days and no doubt will be showing the effects today).

It’s Friday and that feels exciting to me, taking the kids to lunch today will be a bright spot. I have been taking them out to lunch most Fridays now.  They don’t seem to care too much but I feel great about it. Probably like I wont miss Rosie till she’s gone for a while…..

I am learning how to love through small acts of service, trying to do it for free and for fun. Expectations seems to suck the joy out of the best of things. Today I will let the journey unfold, knowing that all things have purpose with opportunity for growth and good.

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