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Hot Tub Staycations

August 28th, 2012 by

staycationWritten by:

Kristin Danley-Greiner  From Demoines Register

The concept of a “staycation” coupled with a slowdown in the home construction market spurred members of the Kohles family of Johnston to open Aqua Oasis Pool and Spa.

“With a custom building background, we wanted to cater to customers as a one-stop-shop, keeping in mind the ‘staycations’ people were taking,” A.J. Kohles said. “As people were building three- and four-season rooms, they might want to put a hot tub in there or a pool in their backyard instead of going on a family vacation to Florida.”

Being a family-owned business from the Johnston area, Kohles said they strive to offer the best quality product at the most affordable price around town. They recently showcased their products at the Iowa State Fair.

“There were seven different companies inside and outside the Varied Industries building,” Kohles said. “It’s definitely busy at the fair, especially since a lot of manufacturers offer special incentives or perks during fair time. We deliver to customers in a 50- to 60-mile radius. We’ve also taken on some new lines from companies, so we have even more to offer customers.”

Kohles shared more about the pool and spa business with the Register:

Q: Who are the majority of your customers seeking pools and hot tubs?

From families to baby boomers. Families want to swim at home while some baby boomers seek hot tubs for their hydrotherapy that aids in relieving arthritis and joint pain relief. They’re also popular simply because people want a nice hot tub to entertain in.

Q: How are hot tubs popular year-round?

Ninety percent of our customers put them outside. Because they are portable spas and pre-plumbed, all you have to do is run electric to them. The best time to get in them is in the fall, winter and spring evenings. We love it when people tell us they used their hot tub one night when it was 10 below and snowing and how it was one of the best experiences they’d had.

Q: What is the most popular hot tub?

It really depends upon the use, whether for entertaining or health reasons. People want to get into a hot tub at the cheapest price while still having a quality tub. We offer a really sharp hot tub that no one else in the area offers.

Q: What is the most popular pool?

Above-ground pools are more popular than in-ground, simply because of the price point more than anything. You can get into most above-ground pools for under $10,000 and most in-ground pools start at $25,000. Above-ground pools also can be partially submerged into the ground.

Q: What has changed about pools and hot tubs?

If people haven’t owned either one in the last 10 years, they are now very energy efficient. A lot of hot tubs are virtually close to being a maintenance-free system and it doesn’t take as much upkeep as one might expect. There’s also different chemical systems that make things easier when owning a pool. A lot of people are putting in a chlorine generator, which basically is a saltwater system. It takes sodium chloride and the generator turns it into chlorine, so it’s continuously being treated. The technology has evolved in the last five or 10 years with pools, too, and they really aren’t that expensive or difficult to maintain.


Hot Tubs Top Status List In UK

August 21st, 2012 by

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Modern status symbols revealed: Hot tubs now top of the list for show-off homeowners

Popular with the cast of TOWIE, they are now the ultimate showpiece to flaunt in front of family and friends

Lovely tubbly: The TOWIE cast enjoy a soak
Lovely tubbly: The TOWIE cast enjoy a soak
By Ruki Sayid From Mirror News-UK

The only way is… hot tubs. A spa in the garden is the No 1 status symbol for show-off homeowners.

Popular with the cast of The Only Way is Essex, they are now the ultimate showpiece to flaunt in front of family and friends.

They took first place in a survey of Top 10 objects of desire for the home, ahead of walk-in wardrobes, US-style fridge-freezers with ice-making machines and hi-tech digital sound systems.

Our latest must-haves mark big lifestyle changes compared to the equivalents in previous decades.

A hostess trolley, colour TV and answerphone were the height of style in the 70s, while in the 60s we craved washing machines and electric carving knives.

Mark Swift of gadget maker De’Longhi – which polled 4,000 adults for the study – said: “It’s fascinating to see how status symbols move with the times and fashions over the decades.

“Some are very clearly of their time and don’t date particularly well, whereas others become widely accepted as the years go by, to the point that eventually no home is without them.

“Styles and fashions may come and go, but it seems we’ll never tire of buying things for the house to act as status symbols.”

Aga cookers, gas barbecues, temperature-controlled wine cabinets and 3D televisions all made the craving list.

A quarter of women confessed they found buying such items more thrilling than splashing out for a new pair of shoes.

And one in five householders said they deliberately pointed out their new showpiece when friends and family visited.

The survey found women were more likely to suffer from status-symbol envy than men and insisted on keeping up with trend-setting friends.

A walk-in wardrobe like the one owned by Carrie Bradshaw in TV’s Sex and the City was seen as the No 1 want for women.

Men put state-of-the-art music kit as top of their list, but with both sexes choosing a hot tub in their top three, it was voted 2012’s most wanted status symbol.

Asked to predict the most sought-after gadget in 2020, Brits opted for a shower that blow- dries hair and a dishwasher that puts the dishes away.

Top Ten Status Symbols Now

1. Hot tub

2. Walk-in wardrobe

3. US-style fridge

4. Music equipment with speakers in every room

5. 3D TV

6. Noise-activated lights and blinds

7. Range cooker

8. Coffee machine

9. Temperature controlled wine cabinet

10. Gas BBQ

Top five in the 1990s

Alessi kettle

Burnt orange Le Creuset set

Black dining table and chairs


Beige Carpets


Commodore 64 home computer

Avocado bathroom suite

Soda Stream


Waste disposal unit



Electric Fondue set

Sony Betamax

Colour TV

Mini bar


Washing machine

Electric sewing machine


Colourful kitchen cupboards

Electric carving knife


Transistor Radio

Home telephone, buttons

Electric Toaster

Kenwood Chef


Spa Filters That Perform

August 15th, 2012 by


At Hot Tub Works, we offer the highest quality hot tub filters made, with the best media available; Reemay, a spun polyester. Below if some research conducted by our filter manufacturer to illustrate how our filters out perform the competition.



One of our competitors has recently introduced a new filtration fabric. They claim that this new fabric is so effective, nothing cleans better or faster. They even go so far as to sell you a 3-ounce filter for pools, when systems using 4-ounce filter fabric are the only ones that pass NSF Standard 50. What’s more, the use of 4-ounce filters is universally supported by pool OEMs.

We don’t think a substandard filter is good for you or your spa.

Think all cartridges are alike? Think again. Without seams that can crack and collapse, FILBUR one-piece, punched PVC cores are stronger than the molded ones found on competitor cartridges. Not only that: Our end caps offer integrated fittings for easy installation and removal, eliminating the need for PAD adapters.



Reemay is Heavier.
Reemay’s 28% greater weight means more fibers per area to capture more dirt.

Reemay is Thicker.
At 62% thicker, Reemay offers more fibers to collect dirt. Greater thickness means greater dirt-holding capacity and much less chance for dirt to escape the fabric.

Reemay is Sturdier.
135% stiffer means greater pleat integrity, less chance of puncture and tearing for longer life.


Substandard filter fabric means a substandard filter cartridge. One that can plug more quickly, require frequent cleaning, deliver inferior water clarity and need replacement more often. In the long run, this costs consumers more, risking your business. Reemay holds 59% more dirt before clogging.

At Hot Tub Works, we stock over 10,000 spa filters for every make and model that has ever made.  If you need a quality spa filter at a great price with free shipping, you can find them here: Spa Filters.


Round Hot Tub Wins IDEA Design Award

August 10th, 2012 by

Bullfrog Spas Round Hot Tub Wins IDEA Design Award

Round hot tubs have a certain feng shui, don’t you think? Sure, a large square spa will hold more people, but for many people sensitive to the shapes used around their home, this round hot tub is a real winner!


Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

Bullfrog Spas was recently honored with a 2012 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for product design excellence. The award was given specifically for the design of the SportX Model 151R round hot tub.

Bullfrog Spas, in collaboration with Rocketship Design, an industrial design firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah designed a round hot tub that hearkens back to classic California redwood and Japanese oforu spas of days gone by while including cutting edge JetPak Technology and clean modern details.

The IDEA Awards are presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) each year as “a celebration of design excellence in products, sustainability, interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts.”

2012 Jury Chair Rhys Newman, head of advanced projects at Nokia commented on the thought process that went into the award selections. “This year’s jury awarded products that brought together hardware, software, service and experience. While there are many well-designed, innovative products, the exciting future is in the convergence of disciplines and expertise that span the digital and physical divide, ultimately resulting in useful and beautiful products for people.” (Source: IDSA

In addition to the retro-modern design of the SportX 151R hot tub, Bullfrog’s innovations in spas and hot tubs include patented JetPak Technology, a modular hot tub jetting system that allows spa owners to customize the massages in their spa and interchange them at any time.

Bullfrog is honored by the IDEA award and inspired to continue to strive for excellence in usable and sustainable designs and technologies in our hot tubs.

About Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and Bullfrog Spas are sold through Bullfrog Authorized Retailers across the US and Canada and in several international markets, including Brazil and Europe. Bullfrog executives, including CEO, Jerry Pasley, are available for interview.

To learn more about Bullfrog Spas or to design a custom hot tub online, please visit

Hot Tub Brings Health Benefits to Leading Children’s Hospital

August 6th, 2012 by


SLC, Utah (PRWEB) August 03, 2012

Bullfrog International, manufacturer of Bullfrog Spas, an innovative luxury hot tub brand, recently donated a 8-person hot tub to raise money for Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Primary Children’s Medical Center is the premier children’s hospital in Utah, serving children from Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and beyond in cases of severe illness and critical trauma.

The large hot tub, a Model 682 Bullfrog Spa valued at over $11,000 was on display at a charity golf tournament hosted by Smith’s Food and Drug. The charity tournament in Midway, Utah was followed by an auction where the hot tub was awarded. All of the proceeds from this auction go to Primary Children’s Medical Center to fund their critical medical and recovery programs for children.


Not only will the funds raised from the hot tub be a benefit to the children’s hospital and kids who require their services but it will also benefit the health of the lucky auction winner.

Recent studies published by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute show that therapy in hot tubs can provide important physical and mental health benefits. One of the most important findings in this research is that spending time immersed the warm waters of a hot tub can bring the autonomic nervous system into balance. This leads directly to improved physical and mental function. This creates a sense of balance and peace that can lead to better overall health.

About Primary Children’s Medical Center

Founded in the early years of the twentieth century as a church-sponsored institution, Primary Children’s Medical Center is now owned and operated by Intermountain Healthcare, a charitable, community-owned, nonprofit health care organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Primary Children’s is the Intermountain West’s only full-service children’s hospital. Located on the beautiful campus of the University of Utah overlooking the Salt Lake Valley, the hospital cares for children with acute and chronic medical needs from Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and beyond. The hospital is equipped to treat children with complex illness and injury and is recognized as one of the top children’s hospitals in the United States. For more information on Primary Children’s Medical Center or to make a donation please visit

About Bullfrog International

Bullfrog International produces the world’s only hot tubs with JetPaks, which are modular jetted spa seats. This technology allows the user to customize, interchange, and upgrade their spa’s jetted massages at anytime. JetPaks are backed by six U.S. patents with other U.S. and foreign patents pending. Because of the efficiency advantages of the JetPak System, Bullfrog Spas are more powerful and are extremely energy efficient. To learn more about Bullfrog’s patented JetPak Technology or to design a custom hot tub online, please visit