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Archive for July, 2011

Hot Tub Covers Are Easy


How to Care for Your Spa Covers or Hot Tub Covers


Spa and hot tub covers are necessary to protect the inner workings of your spa or hot tub by keeping out debris and dirt from the water. These covers will also prevent children and pets from falling inside the unit and getting injured. In order to have your spa cover or hot tub cover last a long time, you will need to take proper care of it. Failure to take care of your spa or hot tub cover will have it cracking and fading in no time. This will consequently result in damage to your hot tub, as well as potential injury to your family.



The first thing to do in order to extend the life of your spa or hot tub cover is to clean it. Avoid using detergent based soaps, dish washing soaps; alcoholic products or any other cleaning products that contain bleach, as these could damage the vinyl in the cover. Ask your spa or hot tub cover manufacturer for recommendations on which products to use, or simply use water and some elbow grease.


Inspect your spa or hot tub cover for any signs of damage or wear on a regular basis. Check for small holes or cuts in the vinyl. These should be immediately repaired to prevent the inner foam core from getting damaged due to moisture build up and mold growth.


Simple repairs can be completed on the inner plastic layer by covering the holes with some clear packing tape. If possible, buy a vinyl repair kit to patch up any holes or cuts in the outer vinyl layer.


You will also need to look into ways of preventing mold from building up on your spa or hot tub covers. Most good quality covers will come already treated with anti-mold agent. Depending on your particular environment, you may need to apply additional protection. Again, it would be wise to consult your cover manufacturer for recommendations on which products to use.

At least 3-4 times a year, you should apply quality UV vinyl protection to your hot tub cover. This will help protect it from cracking and drying, due to exposure to the sun. Be sure to consult your cover manufacturer on which products to use. At least once a year, remove the foam core sections from inside the vinyl cover and flip them over, to help reduce sagging in your  hot tub covers and spa covers.

– Jack

Hot Tub Consumer Reviews


hot-tub-spa-consumer-reviewsHot Tub Owner Satisfaction Survey

A project we have started more than five years ago is coming close to completion.

We have over 250,ooo hot tub owners in our data base and when we started asking the questions like, ” would you buy the same brand again?” or “how would you rate the dealer service?” it was interesting what we found.


Not ready to publish the full report, but here are some the highlights:

62% of hot tub owners would buy again.

12% of the hot tub owners felt like the received “good” service from the local spa dealer.

47% would buy the same hot tub brand again

72% Hot Spring Spa owners would buy another Hot Spring Spa

61% Sundance Spas owners would buy another Sundance Spa

20% Jacuzzi Hot Tub Owners would buy another Jacuzzi (includes many owners which bought via Home Depot)

79% Costco Hot Tub buyers were happy with their purchase (surprise)

40% Hot Tub Owners use their hot tub 2 times per week.

Those are some of the highlights from the little bit of research. What was clear is hot tub owners use the hot tubs and most enjoy them. Local dealer satisfaction is low and suggests a big opportunity, but most good dealers know this fact already.

I’ll post more results of our hot tub owner satisfaction survey in the coming weeks.


Thanks,   Jerry



Hot Tub Covers – How to Order a Spa Cover


Hot Tub Covers Are Easy To Order


Hot tubs are a steamy water tub that makes your body and mind relax, healing and soothe. Your system of spa treatment involves and requires some other accessories. If you are looking for a replacement hot tub cover, here’s some help on how to order replacement spa covers.

First, you must perform some measurements. You can be confused about what you should measure, the size of your spa or the size of the cabinet where the tub fits. Measure to the outside of your spa shell (not the cabinet). On our section for ordering spa covers, you can order by Manufacturer; make and model – or you can order by spa shape. Once you select shape, you will be asked to enter a few dimensions.


Enter Dimensions

Be precise in your measurements, and enter in the exact measurements, from outer edge (of spa) to the opposite outer edge. Be sure to measure at right angles to the spa. A rigid measuring tape is best.

Enter in the exact decimal measurement (e.g. 84.25) onto the spa cover order form page, Step 2.

enter the dimensions, right on our website

Select Color

Just below the area for entering measurements, you can select the color of your new spa cover. Choose a color that appeals to you, or matches the surrounding decor.


Make your selection for the type of insulation that you want your spa cover to have. The foam core of your spa affects the strength and the insulation value (R-value) of your spa cover. Thicker foam cores will give your spa cover more durability and heat retention than thinner foam cores.

Continuous Heat Seal

A continuous heat seal protects your foam core from taking in moisture, by blocking any point of access through the fold. Standard spa covers have a continuous seal on each side of the fold, and this added protection also seals up the fold, when the two halves are joined together. I would recommend this add-on option.

Double Wrapped Core

Having your foam core wrapped with two layers of moisture protection helps ensure a longer life spa cover, by having two barriers to keep out moisture longer.

Heavy Duty Windstrap

This option allows you to secure the cover with heavy duty straps that are double sewn. All covers includes straps, but if you want extra strong straps, for high wind areas or just for extra spa security, select this option.

People say that our online process of ordering a spa cover is easier than others. I hope so, we work hard to make our online utility very user friendly!

To see how easy it is to order replacement  Spa Covers and  Hot Tub Covers go to today .


Shopping Hot Tub Covers


spa-cover-replacementsWhat to Look for When Shopping for Spa or Hot Tub Covers.

With so many online options available, it is much easier to shop for spa and hot tub covers today. In order to ensure that you get the right cover for your needs, it is wise to do some research on the basic unit components and specific features to look for. The 3 basic components of spa or hot tub covers are the foam core, the vinyl covering and the foam core heat seal.


Foam Core: The foam core is one of the most important components of your spa or hot tub cover. The foam core is designed to provide insulation for the cover, as well as reinforce it for strength. Most spa and hot tub covers use a standard EPS foam core which is gauged at a 1.5 pound density. However, there are other covers which are available in the 2-pound density, and which will provide you with added insulation and durability. These are normally used to cover the larger spa and hot tub units.

Vinyl Covering: A good vinyl cover will effectively withstand the harmful effects from exposure to the elements such as sun, snow, rain and ice, as well as contact with chemicals. Opt for a spa cover which will also withstand the harmful effects of UV rays, while deterring mold growth. Choose one that is constructed with at least 25-ounce durable marine grade vinyl and treated to resist the impact of UV rays, mildew, mold and chlorine. Keep in mind that the bottom section of the cover will be in contact with sanitizers in the water.

Heat Seal: A good heat seal helps make your spa or hot tub covers even more energy efficient. The heat seal protects your foam core from taking on water. If you can purchase a double heat seal, it’s worth an extra fee for a two ply, continuous heat seal. The R-value rating is also important to consider as an indication of how efficient the cover is. Look for a spa cover with an R-value rating of 12 to 13.

When choosing the right spa or hot tub cover, you will also want to check that it has safety features in keeping with ASTM standards. Check that the cover is labeled as a safety cover and has reinforced tie-down straps and comes with locking hardware with keys. This will help prevent children and pets from getting into the hot tub unsupervised.

When shopping online for your spa or hot tub covers, check the manufacturer warranty to ensure that you do not accidentally void it. Also look into options for having the warranty extended. Before you buy your spa or hot tub cover, you should also check the repair and return policies. This way, should anything happen, you will be able to easily return the product for an exchange or repairs.

California Home Spas – Best L.A. Hot Tub Dealer


California Home Spas & Patio

This is a first.  We have never endorsed a hot tub dealer on our site but this dealer is worth breaking the rules for, they are an exceptional spa dealer.


California Home Spas, located originally Cerritos, near Los Alamitos, opened their doors to clients 1979 which makes them the oldest hot tub dealer in Long Beach and Southern California.

They boast the best trained and experienced staff in the Long Beach area, and they are always experts at guiding clients to the perfect hot tub, patio furniture, and grills.

Their spa products are selected to transform your backyard into an outdoor living experience.  If you live in the Long Beach area, we encourage you to visit their showroom in Long Beach where they have a wide variety of Sundance Spas, Hot Spring Spas and Cal Spas hot tubs on display. In addition, their other outdoor products also includes Tropitone patio furniture, teak furniture, outdoor wicker, BBQ grills, BBQ islands, gazebos, fire pits/fireplaces, and many other accessories that are available for outdoor use.

California Home Spas offers the largest selection of hot tubs in Long Beach as well as, Orange County and Los Angeles County. Please give them a try.