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Sundance Filter Matrix 1990-1999



Spa Model (1) HTF-2386 (1) HTF-2387 HTF-2390 HTF-2730 HTF-2740 HTF-0161 HTF-2790 HTF-2710 HTF-1630
All Allergo
1998-1999 Altamar
1998-1999 Aspen
1998-1999 Autin
1990-1991 Cabaret
1990-1994 Calypso 1993-1994 Mid 1990 1990-92
1995-1999 Calypso I / and II
1991-1994 Cameo
1990 Cameo Jr.
1990 Cameo Jr. Jamb.
1990 Cameo SE
1993-1999 Capri 1993-1994 1995-1999
1998 Cheyenne
1995-1997 Corum
1990-1991 Gemini 1990 1991
1998-1999 Hartford
All Liberty
1990-1991 Los Cabos 1990 1991
1998-1999 Madison
1990-1991 Mardi Gras 1990 1991
1990-1999 Marin 1990 1993-1994 1995-1999 1991-1992
1990-1999 Maxxus 1991-1994 1995-1999
1991 Montego Mid Year
1993 Mid 1993
1993-1999 1993-1996 1997-1999
1998-1999 Olympia
1995-1999 Optima
1991 Rio Mid 1991
1992-1994 1992-1994 Mid 1992
1987-1997 Royal 1990 1991-199 1995-1997
1994 Suntub
1990-1991 Supra Lounger 1990 1991
1991-1999 Tango Mid 1991 1991-99
1998-1999 Telluride
1998-1999 Vail


Click here for all hot tub filters or spa filters.



Sundance Spas Filters 2006-Current



Spa Year Spa Model HTF-0315 HTF-2390 HTF-2385 HTF-2770 HTF-6540-507 HTF-2780 HTF-6541-397 HTF-2810 w/ HTF-6540-502
2006 Altamar
2006 Bahia
2006-2007 Burlington
2006 Cameo
2006 Capri
2006 Caprio/ Caprio ST
2006 Cayman
2007+ Camden
2007+ Certa
2007+ Chelsee
2006+ Denali
2008+ Dover
2007+ Hamilton
2007+ Hartford
2007+ Hawthorne
2006 Majesta
2006 Marin
2006 Maxxus
2006-2007 Metro
2006 Optima
2006 Palermo
2006-2007 Solo
2006+ Tacoma

Birthday Surprise from a Super Customer


birthday-balloonsHere at Hot Tub Works we in customer service aim to give all our customers “over the top” customer service –  the extra mile for to give them the caring human touch that they would receive if they were speaking to us face to face.

Let me share an experience I just had with a customer going going the extra mile.

On Tuesday 07/12/11 I had the pleasure of speaking with a new customer and during the course of our conversation she told me her birthday was the next day and she would be turning 86. Coincidental we share the same birthday. We both thought this was really neat and we ended our conversation wishing each other Happy Birthday.

I was not in the office on the 13th but had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I returned the next day. Thursday morning I was listening to my voice messages and the first one I listened was a sweet voice singing me happy birthday. This wonderful, sweet lady took time to call me on her birthday to sing happy birthday to me! I can not fully express how wonderful this felt. I have been smiling ever since!

Here’s to “over the top” customers!


Swim Spa Covers


Swim Spa Covers

For a Free Quote or Expert Advice Call 800-770-0292 ext. 106 or Email (address below)

The demand for for swim spa covers are growing and it’s not a surprise.  Swim Spa Covers have grown in demand significantly  past five years.

As a result out custom cover dept has grown with the demand for replacements swim spa covers.

We have been building these swim spa covers for many years but we have taken a different approach combining strength and long term value with the design of the swim spa covers.

The main difference is the number of panels, we always use four or more panels, with steel 20 gauge beams inserted in the foam of the covers which add allot of strength support.

The second approach we found to be of value is building a taper across the whole cover.  Most swim spa covers us very little slope or no slope at all.  This causes puddling of water on the top of the cover which wears the strength and then starts to cause the cover to take on water.  The result is shorter lasting swim spa covers.

Many of the features are the same or smaller hot tub covers, the best vinyl around, 30 ounce weight, that UV and Mildew resistant, 6 millimeter plastic barrier, which protects foam inserts from water penetration over time, virgin EPS foam which was designed for uses in floating docks and marine industry, because it provides longer lasting hot tub covers, and it has the best heat retention value.

On every swim spa cover order, we provide a CAD drawing personally handled by a senior cover expert here. We do this because so many details are important to get perfect every time. We feel its important when a client spends this much money, that they get a very clear drawing of what the finished product will look like.  We pride ourselves on delivery of the best swim spa covers and custom spa covers in the industry, and we provide the service to go along with it.

If you have any questions or would like a free quote on swim spa covers, over sized  spa covers, or commercial spa covers, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-770-2292. Or you can email Drake, our senior cover designer at  We will be happy to provide you a free quote, examples of our work, and walk you through every step of getting the perfect swim spa cover for your application. has helped over 500,000 hot tub owners keep their hot tubs happy and healthy, while saving them money. It’s what we do…..


Workers Comp Buys Hot Tub

Saw this article and thought it was sharing – Worker’s Compensation is a big issue here in California, especially for cash strapped employers! I hate to see abuses of any system, but when a spa is involved, it’s hard not to take notice. Enjoy ~
By Cheryl Ross
The Virginian-Pilot
© July 20, 2011


6-person-spaThe Portsmouth school division is no longer on the hook for an employee’s six-seater hot tub.

On Tuesday, the state Court of Appeals reversed a Workers’ Compensation Commission decision requiring that the division pay for a $5,200 spa pool for Harvey Maurice Harris, an employee who injured his left shoulder in September 2005, a court document says.

Harris, a bus driver, has been employed with Portsmouth schools since 2005. Attempts to reach Harris for comment Tuesday were unsuccessful. His attorney, John H. Klein, declined to comment because he said he had not seen the court’s decision. Audrey Marcello, attorney for the school division, did not immediately return a phone call Tuesday afternoon.

According to an appeals court document, Dr. Felix Kirven prescribed a tub for Harris about three years after he was injured. The same day, the document says, Harris asked claims adjuster Wyvette Johnson whether he would be reimbursed for it, and Johnson said he would not. The next day, Johnson received a copy of Harris’ spa pool prescription from the doctor’s office. Soon after, Harris bought a $5,200 six-person spa pool, according to the document.

Four days later, the adjuster inquired in writing whether Harris could receive therapy at a center, but Kirven did not respond, the document says, and the adjuster did not investigate further.

Kirven had not recommended the particular spa pool Harris bought, the document says, and Harris “testified he later saw smaller spa pools that seated fewer than six people.”

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission backed up the deputy commissioner’s decision that the division should pay for a spa pool because employers are “to provide necessary medical treatment for a compensable injury, including any appliances prescribed by the claimant’s treating physician.”

Further, the commission “noted the record contained no evidence from Dr. Kirven that other forms of water therapy, rather than a six-person home spa pool, would have been equally helpful or available to claimant.”

But the state appeals court found otherwise.

“There is certainly no evidence that claimant needed to purchase a six-person hot tub for his home,” Judge Robert P. Frank wrote. “Dr. Kirven’s prescription did not call for a ‘home’ spa pool, nor did it call for a spa pool capable of seating six people. In other words, he was never prescribed this specific appliance.”


Well, if you can get someone else to pay for a 6-person hot tub, wouldn’t you?

– Jack

Filter Matrix Hot Springs Spas

Spa Year Spa Model HTF-73178 20204 20807 HTF-0161 HTF-3915 HTF-3960 HTF-3910 HTF-3930 HTF-3915 w/ Standpipe
2004+ Vista
1987-1988 Grandee
2004+ Envoy
2001+ Vanguard
1984-1988 Sovereign
2005+ Accolade
1984-1989 Prodigy
1985-1989 Jetsetter
1995-2003 Landmark
1989-1990 Highlife
1980-1984 Classic
1995-1997 Summit
2003+ Caspian
1992-1999 Siberian / Khyber
1992+ Bengal / Manora
1992+ Sumatran / Tondi
2003+ Solana RX
2003+ Solana SX
2003+ Solana TX

Sundance Spa Filters Matrix 1980-1989




If You Are Looking For Sundance Spa Filters for Any Year, click here: All Sundance Spa Filters (50% off Retail)

We often get questions about older Sundance Spa Filters, so Nick in CS was kind enough to create this chart.  We will publish a chart for the newer Sundance Spa Filters as well.

All the part numbers are linked so if you just click either the Sundance Spa Filter number or just click on the Sundance Spa Model you will be taken to the right Sundance Spa Filters.

All of the filters we sell are from the same factory source as Sundance Spa Filters, the spa filters are exactly to Sundance Spas  Filters factory specs.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 800-772-0292.

Spa Filters Matrix Sundance Spas (1980-1989)
Spa Year Spa Model HTF-2725 HTF-2730 HTF-2740 HTF-0141 HTF-0161 HTF-2710
All Allergo
1990-1991 Cabaret
1991-1994 Cameo
1990 Cameo Jr.
1990-1991 Gemini
All Liberty
1990-1991 Los Cabos
1990-1991 Mardi Gras
1990-1999 Marin 1987-1989 1984-1986
1987-1997 Royal 1987-1989
1989 Serena
1985 Silverado
1985-1989 Supra 1985-1989
1990-1991 Supra Lounger 1985-1989

Sundance Spa Covers




We added a new page just for Sundance Spa Covers.  We make 1000s of these models a year and have every model for every year that exists.

A few things that are important about the Sundance Spa Covers are:

Colors are specific to Sundance Spas and we have the correct colors.

Spa cover strap locations are important and we have the specifications for those exact strap locations.

Sundance Hot Tub Covers skirts lengths can change based the model and we have all the right data in the system.

With the new Sundance Spa Cover order page you can simply point and click and get the perfect hot tub cover with out any work or worry.

I suggest buying the 2lb foam option for your Sundance Hot Tub Cover as it will last the longest and the heating costs will be much better.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to call us at 80o-772-0292, we have a full department of experts on all the Sundance Spa Covers.

The Best Hot Tub for Your Home


The Best Hot Tub for Your Home

hot-tub-homeOne of the many benefits of having a hot tub at home is the absolute pleasure that it provides. What I mean by this is, you can relax and soak in your private water for as long as you would like, in the comfort of your own home. It really doesn’t get much better than that. It is the closest thing to a professional spa treatment, and you do not have to share the water with anyone else!

Hot tubs are recommended by sports doctors as well to loosen the tendons and muscles of the body. If your body is constantly being stressed, worked out, manually pushed, having a hot tub is by far one of the most beneficial purchases you can make. Some even suggest regular hot tub use speeds up the metabolism and provides quicker weight loss.

There are various types of whirlpools or hot tubs and it is important to find one that suits your personal needs. If you prefer the traditional design, then you would use a wooden spa. These are not as common as today’s modern jetted tubs but are very relaxing. The wooden pattern accommodates 4-8 people depending on the size you choose. These are very common in Asian culture and are starting to becoming more popular once again. hot-tub

It is important to understand that these are not intended for high chemical use and draining the water more often is a common difference between the wood barrel hot tubs versus today’s more modern acrylic style. The water that is in these wooden hot tubs is heated by electricity or gas. Occasionally the wooden hot tubs have a steel lining the inside of the hot tub or spa. These hot tubs can be placed both indoors and outdoors, but it is recommended if outdoors, it is important to shelter them from the outside elements of rain, snow, hail, etc

Acrylic portable spa

The other type of hot tub is the stand alone spa, encased in wood or plastic cabinet, with an acrylic interior mold. These are suitable for any climate and are the most popular hot tub purchased today. These hot tubs are equipped with power jets for pulsating water, and again massage muscles and tendons. In layman’s terms, they help our body heal and relax.

These spas come in all shapes and sizes, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to shopping for your application. You need to determine how many will use the spa at once, how often, do you want to lay, sit, swim, etc. There are two person hot tubs, four, six, and eight… as you can see, you need to determine what will work best for you.

The bigger the spa, the bigger the hot tub covers. This is something to consider also. Companies can manufacture the hot tub cover to suit your needs but it is important to understand the different qualities of hot tub cover, and what size your hot tub is.  Remember, when it is time to buy a hot tub, determine who will use the cover, and how often.


Why You Need Hot Tub Covers


Why Hot Tub Covers?


Hot tubs can be the cure all for stress as you are bathing in the soothing water. At times, hot tubs can even be romantic. Hot tubs do require quite a bit of responsibility in order to keep the hot tub equipment, and water safe so that you an enjoy the time spent in the relaxing warm water and avoid constant chemical usage, or parts replacement.

One of the most imperative aspects to a hot tub is ensuring that your spa cover is useable, light-weight, and highly insulating. A quality hot tub cover will lessen the maintenance in all aspects as well.

If you have an outdoor spa, your hot tub cover protects your spa water from dust, leafs, dirt, animals, etc. The most important part about having an ASTM safety standard approved hot tub cover is that it will protect your spa water from children or pets that may fall into the spa. Hot tub covers have saved many accidents from occurring.

Aside from the safety factors, hot tub covers lower the economical costs of running your spa cover. An energy efficient cover can nearly split your energy bill in half. Now what this means, is on the flip side, a hot tub cover that is not energy efficient can nearly double your energy bill which basically translates to money down the drain, and in this economy, we need to cut costs where we can. Think about all the essentials you can buy with the $50, $75, or even $100 a month depending on your area, and how much energy you save.

Once your hot tub cover becomes waterlogged, it is no longer energy efficient. Not many spa owners understand this. A soggy cover, is a cover that can not hold any R-Value. The heat simply escapes through the water soaked foam. Another  fact that not many spa owners know either, is that once the foam is water soaked, it is possible for mold to grow inside the cover. This will nearly make it impossible to maintain and balance your spa water, as well as it being harmful to be around.

If you have an indoor spa, you do not need the spa cover to protect your water from leaves, or outdoor animals; but you still need the cover to be energy efficient, and you may need to keep the spa safe for small children.

Again, a water soaked indoor spa cover wastes just as much energy as an outdoor water soaked spa cover.  The safety measurements on an ASTM safety standard approved spa cover is the same for an indoor spa, verses an outdoor spa. The only difference, is leafs, dirt, etc. Everything remains the same.

Remember, your hot tub cover will prolong the life of your hot tub as well, save you energy which is money (monthly), and keep the equipment running as little as possible. A cover that is water-soaked will not retain heat, which in turn will make the heater stay on and work in overdrive. Take the time and learn as much as you can about hot tub covers and what will work best for your application (weather, usage, etc).

– Jack