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Why a Hot Tub? Benefits to Spa Ownership


Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas

benefits-to-spa-ownershipHot tubs are beneficial from all possible aspects and have proven to be a good investment for families. They have therapeutic and health related advantages and are a good source of water therapy. Hot tubs solve problems related to stress, such as insomnia or bodily aches and pains. Thus they serve well for patients of arthritis. Relaxing in a hot tub serves as a pain reducer and also releases euphoric feelings by releasing endorphins in the relaxer’s body. Therefore, it is also beneficial for patients of depression.

By increasing circulation in the blood, hot tubs also work well with injured people by helping in quicker rehabilitation of injured parts of the body. Surprisingly enough, it has also been scientifically proven that hot tubs may serve to curb diabetes by reducing sugar levels in blood. Besides being used as an ultimate means of relaxation, hot tubs may also be used for rowing, swimming, yoga and other forms of exercise.

Other than health benefits, one can also look at financial benefits of investing in a hot tub. Firstly, since hot tubs are often suggested by doctors to patients of depression, arthritis, insomnia etc, if bought along with a doctor’s prescription, one can undertake a much lower sales tax on a hot tub. Secondly, if you decide to buy a portable hot tub, contrary to widely held beliefs, you will not experience an increase in your property tax. Lastly, a hot tub can act as a major advantage when your house is out on the market searching for possible buyers. Real estate agents generally claim that houses with hot tubs definitely attract many more buyers than usual, thus proving to be quite an asset in the long run, even after you are done using it!

Hot tubs are a much better option as compared to general hot favorites such as swimming pools. This is because all the other alternatives are hardly used throughout the year, especially during winter, autumn and spring. While hot tubs are used much more often, especially in areas with colder and longer winters. They are also useable during hot summers to cool off by simply reducing the temperature of the water in the hot tubs.

So, hot tubs prove to be an easy to use, low maintenance asset to you all year round. Other than putting one’s money to full use, hot tubs are a much more affordable option than pools, RV’s, or home remodeling projects.

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Hot Tub Monkeys


Almost 60 years ago, Japanese tourists starting feeding these monkeys who used their new free time on new ways to entertain themselves. One of them was hot tubbing in the volcanic pools of hot water. Pretty smart monkeys!


Here’s a great video of the hot tub monkeys of Nagano, Japan – enjoying a hot tub soak!

Hot Tub Chemicals


Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals

Spa Frog bromine and mineral floaterAfter a tiring day, most people resort to spas as form of relaxation. It is now possible to have your own spa at home. Contrary to popular belief, this is not expensive and it will not take a lot of effort to maintain a spa. Spas and hot tubs offer something enjoyable with quite a number of health benefits that you can get from it as well.

If you have a spa at home, keeping it clean is your number one priority or else it will have a negative effect on your relaxation. The good news is that there are a lot of chemicals that would keep your spa clean.

Using hot tub chemicals is very simple. There are test strips that you can purchase to test the chemicals in the spa. Putting chemicals on the spa will make the water last longer and it could also protect the users from becoming sick since this will kill the bacteria in the water.

Before putting the chemicals in the spa, you will need to know the pH level of the water and the level of alkalinity and calcium hardness. Once the spa water is balanced, you can shock the spa with a non-chlorine or a chlorine oxidizer. After that you will want to run the filter for several hours, to mix up the chemicals.

To keep the water sanitary, most spa owners use bromine or chlorine mini-tabs. Chlorine is cheaper, but stronger smelling and a bit less stable in high pH situations. You can also take advantage of using minerals to help with the sanitation. Frog or Nature2 purifiers for spas allow you to reduce your level of sanitizer.

Spa pH: To examine the PH level of water, use a good test strip. Your spa pH level should be somewhere 7.2 to 7.4. If it is lower, there is pH additive that you can add. On the other hand, if it is too high, there is a pH reducer that you can use. Knowing the calcium hardness is also important as well, so the water is not too hard or too soft. In case it doesn’t reach the recommended level of at least 150 ppm, there are calcium adjusters that you can purchase to raise the calcium level, or harden the water.

Observe the color of the water. If it has a curious shade, it could mean that your spa contains metals. There are metal reducers sold for your spa, that will keep metals in solution, so they don’t stain your spa surfaces.

Aside from adding chemicals to spa water, it is best to clean the hot tub filter regularly. Remember to change the spa water every two months. Clean the filter at least once a month. Perform chemical tests every week, and shock the spa. These steps will help you to keep the spa always clean and sanitary for your users.

Hot Tubs and Watermelons



A San Jose man allegedly charged patients $300 an hour for treatments such as eating watermelon and soaking in a hot tub, according to prosecutors.

Eugene Vasin, 54, had no medical license and only brief training before treating Ronelle Kotter, of Belmont, for the illness between 2009 and 2010.

Vasin told Kotter she did not have MS and had Lyme disease instead, according to the San Francisco Examiner. Alternative treatments to his alternative diagnoses included reducing the medications given by Kotter’s real doctors, injections of vitamin B-12, and hot tub treatments to aid her kidneys, according to the newspaper.

Vasin also treated Kotter’s daughter. Some of his treatments worked, she said, and Ronelle Kotter believed in them whole-heartedly.

Kotter’s family, however, had to fight Vasin to convince Ronelle to pursue traditional medicine. They eventually reported him to police, after he billed Ronelle Kotter for everything from sending e-mails and receiving phone calls to driving to her home, the newspaper reported.



Hot Tub For Children’s Hospital

Model 251 hot tub


Bullfrog International and Bullfrog Spas of Ogden and Dolphin Pools and Spas, donate Hot Tub to benefit Primary Children’s Hospital. Giving away a model 251SS hot tub is a big help in raising funds for the top children’s hospital in the region.

Bullfrog spas is always in the news, donating their products to good causes. It’s a win-win for the exposure, plus it gives the PR department something to do!


Bullfrog Spas Model 251 Hot Tub Helps Raise Money for Kids in Need

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) June 15, 2011

Bullfrog International recently donated a top of the line Bullfrog Spa to aid in fund raising efforts for Primary Children’s Hospital, the Intermountain West’s premier children’s hospital.

The fundraiser, organized and sponsored by Smith’s Food and Drug, directly benefits programs at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Primary Children’s Medical Center is the largest and most advanced children’s hospital in the Intermountain West, serving children from Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and beyond.

The Model 251 Bullfrog Spa, equipped with attractive stainless steel jets, helped to generate over $6000 in donations. The lucky recipient of the spa was Mr. Lance Wood. All of the proceeds go to Primary Children’s Medical Center to fund their critical programs for children in need of acute medical care.

Bullfrog Spas has a history of supporting health-related causes and produces products that aim to improve health and well-being in general. Recent science shows that hydrotherapy in portable hot tubs can increase mental and physical health. Some benefits include improved neurological health, better nervous system function, improved circulation, better sleep, relief of symptoms of diabetes, and reduced pain and swelling in joints and muscles.

Bullfrog International and Primary Children’s Medical Center hope to continue to work together to provide critical medical care to kids in need and health and wellness to everyone.

About Primary Children’s Medical Center
Founded in the early years of the twentieth century as a church-sponsored institution, Primary Children’s Medical Center is now owned and operated by Intermountain Healthcare, a charitable, community-owned, nonprofit health care organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Primary Children’s is the Intermountain West’s only full-service children’s hospital. Located on the campus of the University of Utah overlooking the Salt Lake Valley, the hospital cares for children with acute and chronic medical needs from Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and beyond. The hospital is equipped to treat children with complex illness and injury and is recognized as one of the top children’s hospitals in the United States.

Flying Hot Tub Covers


spa-cover-strapsAfter a wind storm, many a spa owner has found themselves wondering “where did my spa cover go?” If this happens to you and you are one of the lucky ones, you could find your spa cover or hot tub cover at least a quarter mile from your home. If not, you’ll have to look into buying a replacement that simply will not fly away next time.

Your spa or hot tub cover is likely to fly away because when wind comes at your spa, some of it will hit the side of the cabinet and have to go around. As air is pushed around the spa, some of it will be forced to go over. Once it breaks over the top of the rigid foam cover, it will set off a bit of ripple or swirl action which begins to suck upward on its rigid surface. This ripple or swirl action is what will eventually pull the spa cover up off the spa. The cover doesn’t need to move too much, because once a big enough gap is created, this will allow some air to get in underneath – which is all it takes to have your spa cover or hot tub cover flying away into the distance.

The good news is that spa supplies dealers are now offering spa covers and hot tub covers with various solutions that prevent these from flying away. For instance, it is possible to obtain spa covers and hot tub covers with heavy duty straps. Alternatively, you could go for a design that does not offer a rigid surface for the wind to lift on. This is a major improvement on the typical rigid foam spa covers that fly simply because they make a good wing.

You may also choose a spa cover design that does not resemble a wing, and which does not require straps or truck ratchets to secure it to your spa. Avoid spa covers or hot tub covers with a rigid foam board that rests across the top of the spa. Instead, go for one whose bottom will rest right on the water surface thereby removing most of the air gap beneath the cover. This will also remove the vacuum that builds up pressure which could cause the spa cover or hot tub cover to pop off. In order to resist lift and deflect the strongest winds, go for a dome shaped or soft spa cover, rather than a flat and rigid one.

Another tactic is to use a spa cover cap on top of your cover, to help keep the air out. However, if the wind is strong enough, it will first send your spa cap flying, and then your spa cover will take to the air. Heavy duty straps are key, for extra support use not just the straps attached to the spa cover, but use additional nylon webbing straps over top of the spa, from side to side.

For more information on where to obtain quality spa covers or hot tub covers, please visit today.

Hot Tubs Help With Sleep And Stress


Hot Tub Dealer Gets Involved With Men’s Health

spa-soaks-help-insomniaSpring Dance Hot Tubs,  Pennsylvania’s HotSpring Spas’ dealer is showing their support for National Men’s Health Month by offering free spa test soaks in all their hot tub stores.

According to Armin Brott, a spokesman for the Men’s Health Network, “The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. Men’s Health Month is celebrated across the country with screenings, health fairs, media appearances, and other health education and outreach activities.”

A 2010 “Stress in America” survey recently released by the American Psychological Association, states that Americans are struggling to balance work and home life and make time to engage in healthy behaviors, with stress not only taking a toll on their personal physical health, but also affecting the emotional and physical well-being of their families,” says Rebekah Decker, marketing manager of Spring Dance.

The 2011 Sleep in America poll released in March 2011 found that 43% of Americans between the ages of 13 and 64 state rarely or never get a good night’s sleep on weeknights, and more than half (60%) state they experience a sleep problem every night or almost every night,” continued Decker.

“Some research finds that insomnia tends to increase with age and affects about 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men. Men’s Health Month is the perfect time to help educate the public on how soaking in a hot tub before you head off to bed can ease the transition into a deeper, more fulfilling and healing sleep,” says Decker.

There is nothing like a good hot tub soak to relax the body. I find that it’s a great way to unwind, and helps me fall asleep faster, and sleep more deeply.



Wind Powered Hot Tubs


Wind Powered Hot Tub Makes Us Ponder.

A wind powered hot tub causes me to think that a future of hot tubs could be more than it’s now. We have been stuck for years trying make the current method of operation less costly, but this approach is a whole new angle.

Ross Stevens writes that his “general approach to design is to find materials/objects that have concluded their first lives.” He combines his environmental sensibilities with his epicurean love of a long hot shower by building what he calls “Sustainable Decadence”- a wind-powered hot tub and spa made out of scrap.

Ross writes: “I wanted to challenge the assumption that sustainable means having less. (I really love long showers). I believe we should try to keep many of the pleasures of life but just reconnect them to local sustainable energy sources. I designed this primarily to change my associations with our very windy weather which can be rather oppressive (psychology experiment). By harnessing the wind I now think of the pool getting warmer when I hear and see the trees bend, which creates a positive feeling. This sense of reconnection with our site also creates more interest in the prevailing weather conditions and life outside the home”.

My general approach to design is to find materials/objects that have concluded there first lives. This takes some of the financial and ecological responsibility away leaving me more open to play with ideas and try things I am unsure of. The hard part is cohesively combining the diverse pieces into an overall design. In some ways this creates a more difficult design process than buying the obvious and correct new components but the reward is often a more distinct and less obvious answer. The wind turbine blades are made out of one piece of redundant water pipe (obtained for 12 bottles of beer) cut to make two blades with a helical edge that tapers to the top giving it great strength.

The technical description of the blade design is a savonious rotor which is a very old wind gathering mechanism often made out of a cut in half 44 gallon drum. The blades then drive an ancient (1940’s at least) reused tractor gearbox that increases the rotation speed (4:1 ratio) that in turn drives a reused washing machine motor (brushless DC ‘smart drive) .

“In a previous life, I was the industrial designer of this washing machine”. In theory this can produce up to 600watts of energy.  The spa is made from reused 8 inch thick insulated panels (polystyrene and steel ) from a cool storage [a walk-in fridge]. An insulated door left over from the container house slides across to create a highly thermally efficient space meaning the amount of heating is greatly reduced.

It is a classic issue on TreeHugger: does being green mean that you have to give up the pleasures of life and become a sort of hair-shirt environmentalist taking navy showers? Ross shows that we can have our cake and eat it too; that we can still enjoy ourselves if we do it sustainably and creatively, although clearly being handy with a welding torch helps.

The term Sustainable Decadence resonates: living ethically and sustainably can still be comfortable and fun.


Reach Me Early For Your Spa Covers


movie-ticketsIf you ever need to get a hold of me, reach me early! I get into the office before 8am, and work until 4pm. One of the great things about getting in earlier than everyone is that there isn’t as much traffic. It is the same thing when I leave and I am still able to make business calls and handle additional work for that extra hour before businesses close.

But what makes me happiest about it is I am able to go to movie screenings. I love going to the movie and watching movies a year before they come out, for free makes me excited. In Southern California, you can almost always find a good movie screening, and I try to go to at least one per week. The only downside to movie screenings is that you have to get there early. Since I leave that extra hour early I normally don’t have any issues.

Thank you Hot Tub Works for letting me work hard and play hard at the same time.  SO – if you need anything, I’m here to help (but only from 8-4)!

~ Nick

Bears Love Hot Tubs



It’s not every day you find a bear in your back yard.

And it’s certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to find one taking a dip in your hot tub.

Jenny Sue Rhoades found the black bear swimming in her hot tub two miles from Wekiwa Springs State Park in Florida.

Surprise: The black bear was caught swimming in a family's hot tub last week just two miles from Wekiwa Springs State Park

Surprise: The black bear was caught swimming in a family’s hot tub last week just two miles from Wekiwa Springs State Park


Cooling off: The bear broke through the screen and decided to have a rest in the family hot tub

Cooling off: The bear broke through the screen and decided to have a rest in the family hot tub

She told WFTV that she never turns on her hot tub in the summer because no one uses it – that was until last Friday morning when she looked out her window and a black bear was in the backyard.

She said: ‘I should have yelled at him for leaving dirty paw prints around the spa. I went in my office and I got my camera, by the time I came back out his nose was pushed up against the screen.

She said the bear then broke the pool screen, climbed through and started drinking the water in the spa and even though she yelled at the bear, he ignored her.

Gone again: As quickly as he arrived he left again after quenching his thirst

Gone again: As quickly as he arrived he left again after quenching his thirst

Mike Orlando, Florida Fish and Wildlife officer, told WFTV: ‘Once it gets to that point there are things where we may have to actually have to come and get the bear.

Florida Fish and Wildlife said there are roughly 3,000 bears in Florida and their population is growing. There are so many black bears in the state they are even considering taking them off the threatened species list.

Roy Lukman, a Longwood resident, said he sees bears about once a week and will only walk in the daylight for fear of being attacked

He said: ‘It will come across between just exactly where that sign is.

‘People have told me that he won’t hurt you and things like that. I am still keeping my distance.’

Florida Fish and Wildlife said that getting bear resistant trash cans and only putting out the trash in the morning of pick-up day will help prevent occurrences with bears.