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Archive for April, 2011 Proves Customer Service is Key


hot-tub-spa-consumer-reviewsI love it when I can open my email and see so many client comments and reviews on our products but even more importantly our people.  We are truly a company who cares about our customers and that’s what its all about.

We don’t claim to be perfect yet we are trying to get better everyday.  I’m grateful to work with such an amazing group of people!

These are the reviews just from this morning’s email……..


No question just want to say thanks for the spa cover you built it raised my spa core temp from 75 to 98-102 with just the cover change. I have talk to 3 freinds that will need covers soon a tolded them what you did for me they have seen the cover an like it will order soon thanks again for doing what you do an do it right
Customer Name: kenneth l

Contact VIA email

Hi Brian,
First of, thanks for your help and expertise.  It really made me feel comfortable in making my purchase.  Your warranty and return policy on your product was also a deciding factor for me.  It was much better than your competitors.
Second, I just wanted to mention that the flex pack installed surprisingly easy.  It took longer for me to cut out the hole for the digital control than it was to screw down the pump and control pack.  I was able to use my existing fittings without any problems.  I’d say it took me an hour tops and I was ready to go. So far it’s working great.
Since I’ve done a lot of the research in comparing different companies on prices, warranty, and BBB ratings, I’ve already recommended you to my coworker who will be in the market for a spa pack.

Thanks again!


COMMENT: Thank you to Leata, EXT #108, for the wonderful customer service she provided with my recent order (4-25-11). I was attempting to order filters for my swim spa without a part number; and while the one I looked up on the internet would have physically fit, it would have be very inefficient for the size of my unit. She recommended getting parts numbers for the housing assembly, and after calling her back, she matched the approprate spa filter based on that & the actual size of my swim spa. She went above and beyond my expectations in providing EXCELLANT CUSTOMER SERVICE. She was polite,helpful, and informative throughout the entire process; even when calling her back with details near COB. Thank you so much. Please relay my comments to her. You can bet you will recieve several orders from me in the future. KUDOS!
Customer Name: Shawn Jones

Contact VIA email


To Whom it May Concern,
I called and talked with Lietta (ext. 108) regarding this order shortly after I received this e-mail.  My son is getting married on Saturday May 30th and we are hosting the rehearsal dinner as well as having several of our close friends stay with us for the weekend.  And I really needed my New Hot Tub cover before the 29th.  She has tracked the manufacture of the spa cover and talked with the freight company several times to ensure delivery before the 29th.  I received my new spa cover yesterday May 27th and I wanted to drop you a note and say “THANKS” for the excellent customer service and let you know that you have a very valuable employee in Lietta.  She called me several times to let me know the progress of the cover and it was greatly appreciated.  I wish all customer service people were as kind and understanding as Lietta.  Don let her get away from you!

Thanks very much from a very satisfied customer.



Sun Burned Spa Cover




Sometimes we see all kinds of strange things happening to our spa covers. Rarely will we get a warranty request for a strange marking pattern which looks like a burn. This is an example of one of those rare events.

This is an email exchange between the client and Nick in Customer Service.



Hello Nick,

I owe you and Hot Tub Works an apology.  I’ve finally figured out the issue.  One day a couple of months ago I was out in the yard working.  It was a cool afternoon, but I felt a warm heat on the back of my neck.  I was getting a reflection off my upper bedroom double pane window.  I made a mental note to watch reflection as the days got longer and the sun moved northward on the horizon.  Today I saw a reflection off a lower window casting extra light and heat in the exact pattern as the “dual truck tire pattern”.  I think I made a mistake assuming the problem was yours.  I am sorry.  You guys treated me exceptionally well under the circumstances, and I will continue to be your customer.  I will call next time I order a cover to find out how to prevent trouble.  Again, please accept my apologies, and pass this on to the woman in customer relations.  Thank you.




Here is the tub as it sits.  Moss Beach is on the coast in the foggiest portion of No. Cal.  Our hottest day was 86F.  One day.  Heat is not a factor.  If you look at the close-ups, you can see the edges of the foam retain the original size.  What do you mean by “sun damage”?  This is quite strange and I can’t really blame you guys for doubting me after we went through this before, but there is indeed a problem with foam.  It’s wacky that it happens to only one side, the exact same side as before, but I have not abused this cover, or the previous cover in any way.  I should have kept the first cover.  I could have taken the good side out and replaced it into the newer cover and had a complete undamaged hot tub cover.  Please send this up your chain of management so someone can correct this issue.  I trust your company can fix the problem.  I even sold my friend on your spa covers, (he has no grooves in his at this time).



Favorite Hot Tub Aromatherapy Products


Hot Tub Scents




My favorite sets of items that we have on the site are the 2 lb. containers of spa crystals. Not only do they come with a little measuring cup but the scents are my favorite out of the aromatherapy items that we sell on the site.

The Eucalyptus has an earthy eucalyptus scent, the lavender has a scent almost like fresh laundry with a hint of lavender, the jasmine has a vanilla scent with a hint of jasmine, the cucumber melon has a sweet fruity scent, and the lime basil mandarin is the lightest scent and has a hint of citrus.

My most favorite scent is pomegranate. It has a strong fruit smell and reminds me of the scent of jolly rancher candy.

I love these crystals because not only could you use them in your hot tub but they are also great to use in a bath as well. If you want to learn even more about these items please give us a call and we could answer any of your questions.


Spring is in the…Warehouse


I was on my way to lunch and took a shortcut out the back door through the warehouse. It sure smells good out there…wonder why?

Another shipment of SPAZAZZ has arrived!

If you’ve never tried spa aromatherapy, treat yourself this year to some great smelling and soothing spa salts.


Hot Tub Slayer Gets 20 Years


Sad story, drug related homicide of her former boyfriend.

Woman Sentenced to 20 years in Scottsdale Hot-Tub Slaying

April 20, 2011 · Published By Student Journalist

killerA 28-year-old Phoenix woman was sentenced Friday by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Roland Steinle to 20 years in prison for a 2009 Scottsdale hot-tub slaying.

Morgan Leigh Adams pleaded guilty to three felony charges: manslaughter, attempted sale of narcotic drugs and sale of narcotic drugs.  She was sentenced to a five-year probation following her prison term.

On May 14, 2009, a landscaper found the body of 44-year-old Dale Webber in the spa of his Scottsdale home.  The cause of death was initially believed to be a drowning, but the Maricopa County Medical Examiner later found that Webber had been shot, according to court records.

Police records stated that Webber had been dead for a number of days before his body was found.

Adams, who dated the victim for three years and remained in contact with him to purchase oxycontin after their breakup, was arrested in connection with the killing on July 9, 2009, according to court records. Adams was initially charged with 16 counts, including first-degree murder, armed robbery, misconduct involving weapons and narcotic drug violations, court documents stated.

She was held at the Fourth Avenue Jail on a $1 million cash bond, according to court records.

Defense attorney Eric Kessler told Adams’ loved ones before the proceedings began, “There’s nothing I can say that will change the outcome of today.”

Steinle said during the sentencing that “while (the plea bargain may not fully be what the family wanted,” he accepted the plea and believed the attorneys had worked hard on the case.

“I have full confidence… that it was not just to remove another file from the desk,” Steinle said.

Deputy County Attorney Laura Reckart commended the Scottsdale Police Department in “bringing this woman to justice,” calling it a “very difficult case to solve.”

Adams fainted as she walked to stand in front of the judge, causing a brief halt in the proceedings before she gave her final statement to the court.

“I want to send my condolences to the family,” Adams said as she shook.  “When they lost a son and brother, I lost my best friend myself.”

Webber’s sister, Rhonda Long, spoke on behalf of the victim’s family, calling the killing “senseless, unnecessary and cold-blooded.”

“I’m here today with family members to speak for Dale, who can no longer speak for himself,” she said, tears in her eyes.  Her husband David stood behind her and comforted her as she spoke to the judge.

The killing occurred around Mother’s Day in 2009, and the holiday will “always remind (their mother) of the night her youngest son’s life was taken,” Long said.

“I can only hope (Adams) will gain a conscience and someday feel remorse for what she has done,” Long said.

Guest article contributed by Shane McOwen and Kirsten Adams
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Hot Tub at Playboy Mansion Needs Some Love…


Health scare: Playboy bunnies pose under the marquee at the Mansion before the party. Officials have found the Legionella bacteria in a hot tub

Being experts on the subject of hot tub maintenance, I was surprised to see this outbreak come from one the most infamous hot tubs that exist in LA.

It would be real easy to make a moral correlation here but I’ll refrain from the obvious……

Article below.


Health officials have confirmed that the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease was found in a whirlpool spa at the Playboy Mansion where more than 100 people fell ill in February.

The Los Angeles County Health Department presented its findings on Friday at an annual conference at the Centres for Disease Control in Atlanta. The legionella bacteria also causes a milder illness called Pontiac fever.

Health scare: Playboy bunnies pose under the marquee at the Mansion before the party. Officials have found the Legionella bacteria in a hot tub.
Struck down: Investigators found the bacteria which causes Legionnaires' at the Playboy Mansion after scores of people fel ill on the same day
Struck down: Investigators found the bacteria which causes Legionnaires’ at the Playboy Mansion after scores of people fell ill on the same day
Investigation: 200 guests fell ill after attending a fundraiser at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in February

Symptoms, which include fever and headache, are the same as those suffered by the Playboy Mansion partygoers. The people who fell ill were at the mansion to mark the end of the three-day DOMAINFest Global Conference on internet business. The conference took place at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica.

On the second night, there was a party at the Sky Bar on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. The finale on the third night was at Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s famous mansion. Within 48 hours after leaving it, scores of people reported coming down with symptoms including fever, respiratory problems and violent headaches. About 700 people from 30 countries attended the conference.

DOMAINFest asked people who were at the event to fill out a confidential survey to help in the health department investigation. Officials ended up speaking to 439 people and found that up to 200 of them had a fever and at least one other symptom. Sixty-nine people reported falling ill on the same day.

Something in the air? Public health investigators believe the illness which affected 200 guests may have been spread through the atmospheric fog
Something in the air? Public health investigators believe the illness which affected 200 guests may have been spread through the atmospheric fog. Dr Jonathan Fielding, director of the county Department of Public Health, said that Legionella bacteria are commonly found in moist environments. Pontiac fever, which is caused by bacteria, typically lasts two to five days and treatment is usually unnecessary, reports.

The bacteria are not spread from person to person, they are inhaled in water vapor from hot tubs, showers and even air conditioning systems. Some of those who became ill originally suspected a fog machine that was used at the party in February.

A Playboy spokesman said at the time: ‘There is no truth in the rumor that anyone caught anything at the Playboy Mansion, nor is there any evidence. ‘None of the Playboy staff became ill, the deejay was in the middle of the fog and she didn’t get ill. ‘We have been contacted by the Health Department and the Playboy Mansion is cooperating fully with the investigation.’

One partygoer, Elliot J. Silver, said: ‘It is scary that everyone came down with the same thing at the same time. ‘It knocked me on my ass. A lot of people are blaming the Playboy Mansion on the blogs, but you can’t be sure.’

– Legionnaires disease is one of many bacterias that can cause sickness, from improperly sanitized and filtered hot tubs.


The perfect Get Well gift – Spa Hot Tub Aromatherapy


Rx Crystals - Detox Therapy

If cold and flu got you down – try Detox Therapy!

April is here and in Southern California that means unpredictable weather. One day it can be sunny and over 80 degrees then the next day cool and cloudy with a high of 60 degrees.

Unpredictable weather usually means the predictable spring cold. Boy did I get one! The cold came with fever, aches, sore throat and cough. Other than cold medicine and sleep the only relief I found was a soak in the tub. I tried for the first time Our Spazazz RX Crystals.

I used the Respiratory Therapy Crystals and the Muscle Therapy Crystals. Wow is all I can say! Both of these really worked well. I used both of these in the bath tub and I recommend them to anyone who gets a Spring Cold like I did.

Tonight I plan on trying the Joint Therapy Crystals. I also think this trio would make the perfect “get well” gift for any friend or family member who gets sick.

What Happens in Las Vegas…



Fun Times in Las Vegas

One of the greatest things about working at Hot Tub Works is that the management is understanding when opportunities for a vacation come up. They realize that when a person works hard they also have to play hard too.  🙂

Recently I went on vacation to Las Vegas and stayed at The Hotel at the Mandalay Bay. We got one of the V suites so the view was magnificent!! Especially at night when you could see the whole strip light up.

While we were there we spent time gambling (Actually made $200 one day, and lost it the next) and saw The Lion King. That concert was amazing and really brought the story to life. I especially like how the masks would stand up on their head and then cover their face when they acted like they were going to attack.


But the real reason we went was for the ACM Awards Music Fan Jam. Me and my wife are real fans of country music and one of the big names right now in country music is Sugar Land. They were actually the hosts of the event and sang a lot of their songs. The best part of their performance was when they remixed some of the more popular songs from this year.

Basically the way the concert worked is that they showed all the awards from the main ACM Awards broadcast (they were in MGM) and during the commercials they would do some performances. After the ACM awards were over a majority of the big names that were at the event came by and performed a couple of songs.

Some of the people that were there were Little Big Town, The Band Perry, Eric Church, Steel Magnolia, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Casey James (From American Idol) , etc.

The best part of the night for me though was when Rihanna came and performed with Sugarland. It was cool to see country music mixed with some of Rihanna’s style. Another great part of the ACM awards was when Steven Tyler came out during Carrie Underwood’s performance and sang a couple of songs with her. Unfortunately, they were at the MGM so we didn’t actually see them live. The concert overall was one of the best I ever went to. The only down side was that my voice was gone all weekend. 🙂

Thanks Alea (You have an awesome hair style, amongst other great qualities) and everyone else who made this possible…


Why use MPS-Shock In a Spa or Hot Tub


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “why use Non-Chlorine Spa Shock?”

Zodiac Cense - Shock and Aromatherapy in One! - Multi-Pack

In order to answer this question we need to understand what sanitizer does and this will help you understand why it is important to add shock at all.

Sanitizing your spa water is the most important spa maintenance you can do for yourself. Soaking in a spa is like taking a bath however you do not drain the spa when you are done like you would your bath tub. The warm water of hot tubs provides an ideal breeding ground for potentially harmful microorganisms. If we do not maintain an effective sanitizer system to control them, bacteria from our bodies, as well as airborne mold spores, algae, and even viruses can find their way into the water.

A Sanitizer such as Chlorine, Bromine, Nature2 or Spa Frog is used to destroy these microorganisms and keep the spa water safe and healthy. When using a Sanitizer alone the sanitizer has to do two jobs. The first is to destroy microorganisms and the second is to oxidize (burn up) the dead organic material left behind in your water, as well as non-filterable material such as dirt, soap films, hair spray and perspiration. That is a lot of work for the sanitizer to do.

MPS Shock (MonoPeroxySulfate) is a non-chlorine compound that will do the job of oxidizing allowing the sanitizer to do the more important job of destroying the microorganisms. Regardless of which sanitizer you use, shocking is essential for clear, clean hot tub water. It will also allow your sanitizer to perform at peak efficiency.


Testing Hot Tub and Spa Sensors

Balboa Spa Parts Spa Sensor, Balboa M7, LE, Valu Heaters, Acts as high-Limit or Temperature, 12 inches long

How to Test Spa Sensors for Continuity

With your electrical test meter set to 100k ohms, test the green and black wires for continuity.

Depending on the temperature it will give you a value. It is based on a 10k ohm resister. At 77 degrees it will read 10k ohms. As the temperature rises it will have a lower resistance and as the temperature lowers it will have a higher resistance.

Generally, all of the spa sensors will read 10-12k at 70 to 80F for resistance. If your readings are much less, this can indicate a break in the “Continuous” circuit, power not flowing through properly.