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Archive for March, 2011 A Great Place to Work


banana-smileOne of the main reasons why we are always so helpful and happy on the phone when you call in is that Hot Tub Works is a great place to work. Not only does everyone get along but the owners do special little things to show their appreciation.

One of the main things they do is a raffle for a free car wash every Friday. I was lucky enough to win the last one!! Things like that really show how much we are appreciated and show how much they appreciate us.

I have worked at a lot of  places where they just treat their employees as numbers but here everyone is treated as an individual and is glorified for their accomplishments. And I think that shows in how we treat ever person that we talk to on the phone.

We are constantly getting reviews about how great our customer service is and how dealing with our company is such a great experience, from the phone message when you call in to the hint of a smile you could hear in our customer service representative’s voices.

So next time you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call we’re happy and ready to help you.

Single Mom Seeks Full Time Work – and Spa Relaxation!


single mom seeks relaxation - in a spa

Oh how I wish I had a hot tub! This has been a long week…a week that finally saw the completion of my transition to full time status here at Hot Tub Works. It’s been two years in the making and I couldn’t be more excited – but, it has been more than a few years since this old gal has worked a ‘9 to 5’ schedule!

Oh sure, there is an in-ground Jacuzzi in the apartment complex where I live with my 3 kids. After listening to some of the stories from our customers, I don’t think a soak in community ‘germ soup’ would be very relaxing.

(Note to customers: here at Hot Tub Works, we are your ‘spa therapists’ in every sense of the word – know that your stories are all safe under our cone of silence. But do keep them coming. We love when you share with us!).

aromatherapy for spas and hot tubs


I doubt that the nice folks who operate my community are as vigilant about water quality as we are here. So, how do those of us without a personal spa experience relax?

I am a big advocate of making a restful, retreat like environment in my own bedroom and bathroom. Nice sheets, pillows – the whole ‘blissful bed’ experience. Candles are a must, along with other aromatherapies. Just because I don’t have a spa in my backyard (okay fine – I don’t even have a backyard. I am learning to deal with it!) doesn’t mean I can’t use some of the amazing hot tub aromatherapy products we sell here. I can put some of the crystals in a small cloth bag and place them in the shower, or a tiny amount of the liquid product in a sink filled with hot water turns my bathroom into a restful, scented space.

Check out the entire selection of spa scents. How about some Mood Crystals in my car? That sounds like an awesome idea!

Now all I need is some smooth blues guitar from my iPod and a glass of wine. Ummm, is it 5 o’clock yet??

~ Julie

Testing Spa or Hot Tub Heater Elements


Spa Heater Element testing


Good heaters elements between 4.0 and 5.5kw should have the following results:

* 9-12 ohms of resistance
* good continuity
* draw 15-25 amps at 240v

You test the element by using an Ohm meter, or any multi-meter will work also. Just place it on Ohms, at 1000, and place your test leads on each of the terminals (power to spa heater should be off). As mentioned above,  a measurement of 9-12 Ohms of resistance usually indicates a good element.

To test for voltage, use an Amp meter, and use your test leads to measure the amp draw for the element. Excessive amp draw indicates a bad element, and no amp draw indicates that no power is reaching the terminals.

Poor spa chemistry can harm your spa heater elements, as can operating without water flowing over the element (which the pressure switch is designed to protect against).

Hot Tub Stress Relief with Yoga


yogaHeat Combined with Buoyancy Can Deliver a Highly-Effective Stretch

Last month, in honor of American Heart Month and in an effort to improve overall wellness and protect myself against heart disease, I enrolled in a series of yoga classes. I have read that perhaps one of the most studied areas of the health benefits of yoga is its effect on heart disease. “Studies have found that yoga practice lowers the resting heart rate, increases endurance, and can improve your maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise—all reflections of improved aerobic conditioning.” –Yoga Journal.

I must say, I have enjoyed the benefits of yoga more than anticipated. Mental calmness, stress reduction and flexibility are among the many benefits I have received since practicing this gentle form of fitness.

Have any blog readers out there tried water yoga? While performing yoga poses in water, the water can act as resistance and its buoyant nature can support you, keeping pressure off of your joints. I recently read a post on from LucyB, a contributor“

A hot tub, we discovered, lends itself more readily to some poses than others. Frog, Upward Dog, Chair, Table, Tree: these were successes, easier in water than in air. And rarely has my Eagle perched so confidently.” who has performed modified yoga poses in a hot tub with success.

Combining yoga stretches in warm water is a stimulating, tension-free form of hot tub stress relief ideal for people with arthritis, back injuries and those who are overweight. The American Council on Exercise suggests a hot tub soak as a great way to improve stretching. Warming your muscles in hot water elevates temperatures enough to make the body more receptive to stretching, allowing one to stretch further. By improving the quality of your stretching, hot tubs can improve your flexibility and range of motion.

Like hot tubs, the ultimate goal of yoga is to reach complete peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

Helping a Customer With a Rodent Issue


Mice in hot tubsIts crazy to think about just how many items there are on our site. Just the other day while helping a customer I discovered an item that I think would be helpful to a lot of people out there.

He was complaining that rodents were getting up in his equipment and eating through his wires. Mice underneath the spa. So not only did I help him find the replacement wires he needed but I helped him find an item that should help with his rodent problem as well.

The item is question is sku # 3-80-700-1000. The official name of it is the Mouse-Away Pouch. It is a little pouch with different types of essential oils that is supposed to repel rodents. The best thing about it is that it is poison free so it wont harm them or you.

Hopefully you don’t have any rodent issues but if you do I think that this item will really help!!  I was glad that I had previously discussed the item with our technician and that I was able to help a customer find a solution to their problem.

So remember, if you ever have any questions on any of the items on our site (there are a lot J) or need help solving a sticky situation with your hot tub we are always here to help.


To All of You out There Thank You! If I Were There, I’d Hug Ya!


big-hug for our customers

I have been a customer service representative at Hot Tub Works for almost 5 years and I love what I do. However a good portion of the job is helping customers who have had a less than ideal situation (example: a damaged package delivered) and may be upset when calling in.

It is a wonderful feeling to offer a solution and bring the old fashioned “over the top” customer service into reality and turn a potentially bad experience into a good one for our customers.

Our honest desire to make your experience with Hot Tub Works enjoyable from beginning to end usually surprises people and I absolutely love it when they call in or email us about their experience in genuine “over the top” customer service.

To all of you out there thank you! If I were there, I’d hug ya!