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Archive for September, 2010

A Spa Cover / Hot Tub Cover is like a Refrigerator Door

September 9th, 2010 by

Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers are like a Refrigerator Door

refrigSometimes when you think you have heard every analogy about your work you get struck by a simple but brilliant illustration for what we provide.

Friday morning I was listening to Brian, a Jedi Spa Technician here at, conduct a training on new spa packs. One of the customer service team members asked a simple question, “How quick will a new spa pack heat up the spa?” which I thought was good question indicating they were earnestly learning about the technical side of our work.

Brian answers the question with an answer most of us know well, “How quickly the hot tub heats up depends on the cover”.  The answer causes the 14 people in the training to nod with common understanding of how important the spa cover / hot tub cover is for retaining heat.  But then Brian states “A hot tub cover / spa cover is like a refrigerator door, and an old spa cover is just like leaving the refrigerator door open”.

Now I should admit, I love a good analogy more than average guy, but I thought that was just about the best example in simple terms I had ever heard for a spa cover. Spare me the over scientific explanations of how the R-factor slouches with time and how the moisture embeds itself in the foam cores to mitigate the efficiency. Give me the straight forward gut-based analogy for what we do…

Thanks Brian.

– Jerry

His Wife Threw Him In The Hot Tub

September 9th, 2010 by

burning-manMy partner just returned from Burning Man. I mentioned this to a few and to my surprise a couple people have not heard of the event. So here is the short story:  In 1986, 8 people burn a wooden man on a beach in San Fransisco, and 24 years later 50,000 people of all walks of life, gather in the middle of the desert to party for a week and burn a 40 foot wooden man. The people who go to Burning Man absolutely let loose, pretty much in every way imaginable. Need more on the event, go to Youtube. Warning: it’s a little shocking, and funny.

Enough background, and back to my personal story of my 60 year old partner, who’s not your typical Burning Man type. He’s a Tommy Bahama shirt and shorts kind of father, husband, business guy who leads a fun yet very normal life. Rick (my partner) and his childhood friend (AKA Beef), also 60,  head to the desert to experience the Burning Man.

I spoke to Rick once just before he entered the “city” and again when he was leaving the desert. The conversation after went something like this ” Jerry, I can’t even explain it to you.  These people let loose, not in a bad way, but in a way hard to describe, it was like a movie. The music is going 24 hours a day. I have never been so dirty in my life. You take a shower and 2 minutes later you are just as dirty again. You can not get clean. Red dirt blows so hard you can not even see”.  I said “wow, sounds like a harsh place”, and Rick says, “it’s like living in the toughest elements for a week and the noise never stops”.

I’m now sure he’ll say that’s the last time he’ll ever do it again but I ask anyways, “so you’ll not be going back I assume?” And to my surprise and added insight to the unexplainable, Rick responds, “I definitely would do it again!”. I guess words don’t capture the experience.

So Rick rolls back into town Sunday where his wife (a supportive saint) takes one look and points to the spa / hot tub. Thus, furthering the factual benefits of a spa / hot tub once again. Its use as a human washing machine and allowing re-entry into the home – post Burning Man.

Glad you are back safely my friend, and you’re lucky she took the spa cover off first.

– Jerry