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Archive for May, 2009

Siesta for Bubba the Bulldog

May 22nd, 2009 by

I came across a picture today that reminded me of a fun dog sitting experience that I had with Bubba (a 6 month old English Bulldog).

During the day, I heard a loud snoring coming from under my desk and I looked down with curiosity… to my surprise… BUBBA!

Taking naps under my desk can be fun… if you don’t believe me, try it!  🙂

Word is exhausting

Word is exhausting

Dream as if You Will Live Forever…

May 20th, 2009 by

social-dI attended a benefit show on Monday night for a remarkable human being of whom I have never met. A month ago, I received an email that Social D was playing at a benefit show and that tickets were available. I bought tickets, simply because I wanted to see my favorite band for the hundredth time.

As I purchased the tickets, a voice inside was a bit iffy about the price. It was twice the price compared to the other concerts I had been to. Little did I know that this was not a normal show. Little did I know that I would be overwhelmed with deep emotion while exiting this event.

Accidents happen.” I have heard this phrase all of my life whether it was when I forgot my homework for school, or spilled a glass of milk. This phrase is not so simple to some. This expression does not do Jay Thomas justice.

Before the band went on, I watched Jay Thomas give a speech (although struggled through it due to the complications of his injury) thanking everyone who attended this event. I immediately was drawn to this spirit that Jay was flooding into the hearts of hundreds of people who were listening to him. Imagine a rock concert with screams and woo-hoo’s suddenly silence and disappear. This is the power Jay had on the attendees, most of whom did not know him.

Jay was in a surf accident in Huntington Beach a couple months ago and suffered a spinal cord injury, which left his body limp from the waist down. He did not stop smiling once that night. I thought to myself- Wow! How can someone be so positive when within seconds he went from a self-sufficient man to a man who now depends on others to do life’s simplest tasks? When someone who has suffered a great deal of pain can still shine and inspire others to be better people and embrace life regardless of obstacles and struggles … this is truly remarkable.

I walked away from this event reminded that tomorrow is not guaranteed, and if you are blessed with a tomorrow, it may not be as imagined. Although I had never met Jay, his speech touched my heart. It reminded me to “Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow!”

Thank you Jay, I needed to hear your story, I needed to be reminded… as I believe everyone at the House of Blues that night did…. Thank you.

Click here if you are interested in reading more about Jay Thomas.

Home Life with my DVR

May 15th, 2009 by

dvrThere have been many things that have changed my life for the better, and many people who have inspired me but lately the most important change that has encapsulated my house was when the cable man rang the doorbell with a brand new…. DVR.

Yes, that is right, you read that correctly. Digital Video Recorders have changed the way I watch TV and has made my life that much less stressful. I don’t want to damper the mood, but before the DVR was a part of my life, life was looked at differently.

Dinners were denied, going out with friends on certain nights was examined closely before I would RSVP with a “yes”, and speeding on the freeway to get home in 5 minutes for the start of the new episode to begin, but 10 minutes away has ended.

Now, I go out when I want, and drive slowly. At ease now. I have made it sound that I watch a LOT of TV, and in actuality I really don’t, especially now that I no longer have to watch commercials.

A few shows that are DVR’d at my house: Celebrity Apprentice (Finale was this week, and so thankful Joan won), Deadliest Catch, House Hunters (International too), Lie to Me, American Idol (I hope Chris wins), Real Housewives of New York (Reunion show last night was intense), Real Housewives of New Jersey (what can I say… reminds me of growing up), Charm School, House, A shot of Love with Daisy (or whatever it is called), Dr Phil, Intervention, Oprah, Dateline….

 Wow….. By the looks of it… I should pick up a book.

Is There Life Outside Hot Tub Works?

May 15th, 2009 by

Asked about vacations, Alex and Dave submitted the following:

“Last October, I embarked on a great four day vacation to Germany to experience Oktoberfest. My journey began at John Wayne Airport, located in Southern California, and then flew to Atlanta. Upon arriving I transferred aboard another plane which flew across the Atlantic into Milan, then to Rome and I finally reached my destination in Munich, Germany. I met a childhood friend there and we proceeded to engulf ourselves in every part that Oktoberfest had to offer; from the beer halls, to bratwurst, even a couple of giant pretzels, until had my fill. Germany left me with a lasting impression, I hope to go there again.”



“I haven’t been on a vacation since I went to Mexico in 1993. From what I remember we traveled around the Northern region of Mexico for 3 days. I recall white beaches as far as the eye could see; one beach had sand dollars stretched across the sand for miles. Cities were filled with people and laughter for hours. In my 20 years of life I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe especially to London. I’m a coffee house beatnik in my own right; I love culture from all walks of life. Being a Beatles fan also contributes to my desire to visit England. I have hopes to travel there and further my life education. Only time will tell what the future holds.”


Foam Sword Fight in the Warehouse

May 15th, 2009 by


I’ll be honest…working in the Hot Tub Works warehouse isn’t all fun and games. At times, keeping up the rapid pace in order to stay on schedule is frustrating. Tempers can be “stretched.  Don’t get me wrong — our team is like family to me…but you know how families can sometimes be.

Sometimes we just need to loosen up, break the tension with levity. Of course, if we can get out some aggression, all the better!

I recall one instance in particular:

It was a super hot, busy day. Packages were flying out and adrenaline was flying high. Suddenly it occurred to me that it might be a good  idea to grab a sword-like piece of foam and bop Alex over the head. Stunned, he wheeled around in search of a) the culprit and b) a foam weapon of his own. Needless to say this was contagious….and more than enough provocation. Next thing I knew the entire team was in downright combat!

In the Hot Tub Works warhouse (err, warehouse) there’s never a dull moment. I , for one, can’t WAIT for a rematch.

Look out, guys.

Counting our Blessings…

May 15th, 2009 by

(written by Carla and Lietta)

dove-of-peace1We have to say that working as customer service representatives brings many unexpected blessings.Although we do not want anything to go wrong during our customers experience with HTW, being able to help solve a problem if one does arise is one of the reasons we are here to help.We believe in treating our customers as if they were our friends and do our best to show we care.  


We have to say that the biggest blessing is an unexpected complement from a customer, and it always brings a smile.When we receive an email from a customer that is positive we always send it out to all of the employees in the company.We work as a team to help our customers, and believe that all members of our team are important and vital to our team.It warms our hearts to know that we have been able to help someone get the perfect spa cover, the right chemicals to keep the water in their spa safe, or the parts they need to get their spa up and running again.


To get a phone call or e-mail letting us know we were helpful makes work more like home.What a joy to get paid to feel good.

A Simple Matter of Perspective

May 15th, 2009 by


Jareck and I are off and blogging with the subject “We Care”. Now, Jareck has been here a few years – and being in the warehouse has “hands on” contact with the packages as they wing their way to our customers. I, on the other hand, have only been here a few months and have almost no interaction with customers unless someone wanders in off the street looking for accounting. Being a bookkeeper, I deal with vendors, payroll, and banking – the business end. Jareck & Julie….blog buddies? Talk about different points of view…


Jareck has a very ‘Zen’ perspective to his job in the warehouse. He truly cares about each package and wants it to be special. He thinks ‘How does this look to the customer? Does this package represent the company and the service we provide? Will the customer be excited to come home from work and see a neat box outside their door – and, so quickly received?’. To him, each package is a reflection of who we are and what we stand for – and the tangible evidence to our customers of the care and respect we have for them.


I may not deal with customers every day, but I do see first hand how we as co-workers care about each other. Excited for Alea’s trip to Vegas – rallying around Carla & Aaron when he had his motorcycle accident – proud of Jim and his band – everyone taking time for a smile, a hug, a laugh, whichever is needed at that moment. And the birthday cake here? It needs to be a line item in the budget! The love here is palpable.


So, the moral to our story? It’s easy to care about our customers, because we first care about each other. What a great place to work!

Chris Tobey 1948-2009. My Friend.

May 15th, 2009 by

chris-tobeyIn Memorial to Chris Tobey

Writing about Chris is painful yet I know no better way to honor him than with a blog.  He was the most gifted writer I have ever known – not because his word choices were witty,  because he wrote without editing his heart.  His words always carried his gentle, loving, and very smart spirit. SO, writing anything about Chris, I feel inadequate to do him justice.

He was always ahead of his time with thought, vision, coupled with an incredible acceptance of others. In the 15 years he was my devoted friend I can not recall a single time I felt judged, and I gave him plenty of material. He was the true definition of a gentleman. He has shaped my life in every way.

Chris, I miss you.  “onward and upward”



Chris is remembered forever on this website devoted to his memory.

Tasty Gourmet Spa Covers

May 7th, 2009 by

zoey-boxer-2Had a great call and order from a very nice customer named Tim the other day. The phone call started out with a story about his family dog “Zoey”, a female Boxer rescue who seems to have an unusual appetite. Zoey has hoovered up his daughter’s nail polish (with decoration to Zoey’s teeth, nails and the carpeting), 3 ipod cords, 12 landscape lights in the yard, an Apple power pack, Dremel kit grinding wheels, 2 plastic flamingos painted in Kansas University Jayhawks colors, the outside TV cable, a number of books, a few shoes and one spa cover.

I explained to Tim he was not alone and told him about the guy from Carbondale, CO who called to order a second cover after receiving his first new cover just one month before. Somewhat frustrated, he explained his dog had just eaten the first cover and he needed another one. While we were putting the order together he suddenly stopped and excused himself to yell at his wife, “Hey, don’t feed him (the dog) nuthin’ – he already ate today…”

Feeling somewhat better, Tim went on to explain that he and his family love Zoey in spite of her gastronomical proclivities and the fact that she drove the family cat insane. 

More than eating, Zoey’s favorite pastime is riding with Tim on his full dress Goldwing Honda sitting on the gas tank and peering over the faring  – wearing swimming goggles and a flowing red cape….

Who ever said selling spa covers wasn’t interesting?