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Hot Tub Circuit Boards control the function and programming for spa or hot tub pumps, ozone, lights, blower and heater. Hot Tub Works offers circuit boards by ACC, Balboa, Jacuzzi, Gecko, Len Gordon, Sundance and Sweetwater, and other spa control manufacturers. See page bottom for information on troubleshooting and selecting hot tub circuit boards.

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Do you need a new spa circuit board? Eventually the soldered contacts or relays or transistors will fail. Often, you can spot a visual defect, cracking or melting, or smell a burnt electrical smell, but often it looks fine, but has lost control to one or more vital spa functions. Error codes on the topside panel may or may not alert you to a circuit board issue.

Sometimes a topside control problem is the issue, or your real issue is a filter, heater, pump or blower motor problem. Circuit boards can be tested with a multi-meter, carefully. Use the topside control to turn on the load (pump, heater, ozone, blower, lights), and test that the board relay is switching power to the load. There are also fuses attached to your circuit board, which can be tested with a multi-meter for continuity.

Circuit Board, Spa Control or Spa Pack?If your spa controller is more than 5 years old, and your circuit board has failed from moisture, voltage irregularity, insect damage or some other calamity, you may consider replacing your entire spa control, which includes a new topside control and heater assembly. And if your spa control is nearly ten years old, you should consider replacing the entire spa pack (spa control, with pump and blower). Hot tub circuit boards cost a fair amount of money, but you may decide to spend about twice the cost of a spa circuit board to buy a new spa control, or roughly 3x the amount, and buy the entire spa pack.

Identifying your Spa Circuit Board:Most modern spas made in the last 20 years use Balboa circuit boards, or Hydroquip circuit boards and Gecko Aeware circuit boards are also popular. But different spas use different spa packs, which use different boards. Many hot tub circuit boards look alike, and it's easy to order the wrong board. Since circuit boards that have been opened from their sealed packages are non-returnable, the safest way to identify is with either Serial Number and/or Chip Number. With the power off to the spa, you can safely open up your spa control box and look for a name on the board.

Serial Number: Look for a small white label on the edge of the circuit board with S/N xxxxxxxxxx. The first set of numbers is usually the manufacturer part number, followed by mfg run # and date codes.. Usually the same label will have a cryptic description of the product below the bar code.

Chip Number: Another small white label on top of the main chip will designate the board chip number, or it may be printed on the board. The top line is the chip number, for example, K286R1A, and the second line is a manufacturer date code.

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