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Custom Cover Department - Swim Spa Covers & Custom Spa Covers

At HotTubWorks, we pride ourselves in making the best replacement covers available. While about 98% of the thousands of covers we ship every year fall into standard production definitions, there are exceptional spa covers out there that are non-standard in some way. These custom covers fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Are Over-sized (over 96" in any direction and/or made with more than two panels).
  • Have an Unusual Shape or contour (e.g., Kidney shaped, etc.)
  • Have special cut-outs for speakers, waterfalls, control panels or handles
  • Must ship to Alaska, Hawaii or an offshore island within the 50 United States (sorry, we can't ship to U.S. Territories or Foreign Countries).

In truth, we rarely see a cover we can't make and we make the best quality custom covers you can buy. Please note the exceptional strength and construction of our over-sized covers. All of our covers are sloped for easy drainage and snow removal and notice the extra steel reinforcements that are standard in all our oversized covers.

There are many levels of custom spa covers, commercial spa covers, and swim spa covers quality and pricing. Please note the differences between our product and others you may be considering. As a company that is used to shipping better than 1000 covers a month, we need to be sure our product is the best available today - and it is.

Any dimension which exceeds 96 inches is considered oversized - you have come to the one company that makes the most reliable and best engineered oversized spa cover built today. The oversized covers we manufacture are designed as four panel covers (rather than the outdated three panel configuration) that separate in the middle so they can be moved and stored easily. The overall taper is 4 inches with the center point thickness at 6 inches and the outer edge measurement at 2 inches. This gives the cover a full 4 inch slope which is imperative in climates where covers need good rain drainage and / or snow melt capabilities. This design is supported by a framework composed of 6 galvanized steel braces on each side of both hinges and both sides of the center seam.

Our approach here has been to develop a cover for large spas that will stand the test of time, present an ease of use and storage and carry the best and longest warranty available. We have found in recent years that the "standard" or typical 3 piece covers being produced are usually flat, and about 3-4" thick. This kind of construction is usually in the 6 - 8 hundred dollar range and yet has a shorter than average life span. That is primarily due to the flat construction and inability of the cover to handle moisture run off. Most of these covers tend to begin sagging as soon as they pool water or animals start resting or standing on them.

We provide a CAD File for every Swim Spa Cover, Commercial Spa Cover and Custom Spa Cover before putting your cover into production.

The illustrations and examples above and below show how our four panel covers and Swim Spa Covers are designed.

If your cover is a standard size (96" or less), please click here. If you have an "exceptional" spa cover, please contact us and our custom cover specialists will be happy to make your new cover at a down-to-earth price.

You will not find a better value for your investment when it comes to our quality, warranty and customer service backup. Should you choose Hot Tub Works, we will work extensively to be sure the cover we manufacture meets all the size and material specifications as indicated by the information and CAD approvals you will provide prior to construction.

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