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Spa Cover Features

Hot Tub Works brings you the best spa covers available anywhere. We're committed to offering the best materials, the best warranty, and the best service. You'll discover why our hot tub covers are head and shoulders above the competition when you explore their many features, especially in three important areas:
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Warranty
Everything about our spa covers including the materials, design, features and safety standards are second to none in the industry.

Safe: Meets All ASTM Safety Standards for Spa Covers

HotTubWorks Covers are ASTM certified Spa cover safety is especially important if you have small children or pets around your spa. For your peace of mind, all our spa covers meet or exceed the rigorous safety standards of the ASTM. Please note: Many municipal building codes require ASTM-compliant hot tub covers (extra safety tip: buying our ASTM-compliant spa cover is probably much safer than bribing your building code inspector).

Rugged Marine Grade Vinyl Spa Cover Top

Rugged HotTubWorks Marine Spa Cover Vinyl All our spa cover tops feature premium 30 oz. Marine Grade vinyl treated with mildew and UV inhibitors to help keep your spa cover strong and looking new. And for all you polar bears out there our covers are cold crack tested down to -20° F.

Tapered Virgin Foam Insulation

HotTubWorks uses Tapered Virgin Foam for it's hot tub covers Our 4" to 2" tapered spa cover features closed cell virgin foam core insulation in a variety of densities to meet your needs. You can be assured that no matter which model you order, our insulation taper offers the best combination of strength and heat retention while keeping cover weight to a minimum. And, if you need a super strong, high R-Value cover, you can't beat our 6"-4" Ultra cover (R-Value: 24), or our super equipped "The Works" cover with the highest foam density and foam thickness giving it an R-Value of over 30!

Best Warranty

You can rest easier knowing that your spa cover warranty provides protection that is second-to-none. It is five years, non-prorated, "bumper-to-bumper" and it includes full protection for the biggest single cause of spa cover failure: moisture in the insulation core. We're so sure of our advanced sealing technology, our warranty covers the insulation AND the $150 shipping cost in the unlikely event you should need the insulation replaced. We invite you to compare this with any other spa cover warranty out there (beware of warranties with seemingly long terms, limited core protection and/or no provision for replacement shipping).

Exclusive Moisture Lock Heat Seal

HotTubWorks uses an Exclusive Moisture Lock seal for it's spa covers The number one cause of spa cover failure is moisture absorption in the core. Have you ever had a spa cover that was so heavy, it practically broke your back when you tried to lift it? There is a reason we can offer the best warranty in the hot tub industry against moisture damage.

Send in the Reinforcements!

HotTubWorks Reinforces it's Spa Covers for ultimate strength You'll be glad to know our new spa cover is reinforced "six-ways-from-Sunday" at 37 different stress points including the hinge, handles, straps, corners and skirts. There simply isn't a stronger spa cover available at any price.

Sturdy, Four Layer Hinge

HotTubWorks uses a sturdy four layer hinge for it's spa covers We use four layers of reinforced vinyl for this critical stress point of spa covers. Our hinge has been tested for thousands of folds, so in addition to dealing with the stress of all those openings and closings, your new spa cover is a strong and worthy candidate for that new spa cover lift you've been lusting for (well maybe not lusting exactly, but be sure to check out our exclusive spa cover lift bundle deals at check-out for the best spa cover + cover lift combo prices on the Internet... Guaranteed!).

Super-Strength Recessed Handles

HotTubWorks uses Super Strength recessed handles Why settle for wimpy looking black web mesh handles when you can have recessed, reinforced vinyl handles that match your cover exactly?

Locking, Extra-Strong Tie-Down Straps

HotTubWorks uses extra strong tie down straps to keep your spa cover on the ground If you have kids, pets or uninvited guests, you can be assured that our beefy, triple-reinforced straps will secure your new cover to your spa and you'll have added security with our locking fasteners. Fasteners come with both male and female parts and hardware (which isn't nearly as sexy as it sounds but it's really handy).

20 Gauge Steel Reinforced Center Channel

HotTubWorks uses a 20Guage Steel center channel to keep your spa cover from sagging For extra strong support, a 20 gauge non-corrosive steel bar is inserted into both pieces of foam insulation to strengthen the center of your cover.

Commercial Grade Zipper and Flap

HotTubWorks uses a commercial grade zipper and flap for long lasting use on yoru spa cover Commercial grade zipper is corrosion resistant and allows easy but protected access to the sealed core.