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Why HotTubWorks is #1 for Spa Covers

The Best Ordering Experience

For most of us, buying a new spa cover is about as welcome as buying a new set of tires (we like to put it off). So, when you're finally ready to order, we don't want you to feel like you are a contestant on Survivor. That's why we've made the ordering process easy (so you can get on to more pleasant activities…like painting the house). First there's our database of suggested measurements for hundreds of spa covers. From Hot Spring to Sundance and Cal Spas to Jacuzzi, we’ve got your spa cover! Next, you can use our exclusive on-line video: "Measuring For Your New Spa Cover" for step-by-step instructions. Finally, our printable measurement forms are available for your use when you are on your spa site. All these tools help take the guesswork out of getting our Guaranteed Perfect Fit.

Best Fit and Finish for Spa Covers

Our spa covers are constructed with very close attention to detail. From our premium quality vinyl and insulation materials to our strong, weather resistant stitching, down to our commercial grade zippers, you won't find a better-made spa covers anywhere.

Best Energy Savings and Environmental Impact

Saving energy is good for your wallet and for the environment. Our Standard 1.5 lb foam covers have an R-value of approximately 13.5 (equal to a typical outside house wall) and insulation upgrades are available for even more energy savings. In addition to saving energy, our spa covers use recyclable EPS foam insulation that contains no ozone depleting CFC or HCFC. Our spa covers will reduce the energy required to heat your spa by retaining more heat in the water while it's not in use.

Best Cover Lift Combo Deals

Simply put, we have the Best Deals In The World on spa cover and cover lift combo purchases. Many customers have told us they get more use from their spa more after they install a good cover lift and you can't go wrong with our selection and pricing for spa covers, cover lifts, chemicals, filters, and all other hot tub supplies.