Insulation Options

Your HotTubWorks Better Spa Cover uses super-insulating virgin foam core and contains no ozone depleting CFC or HCFC. You can choose from four options:

  1. Our Economy 1.0 lb. foam cover is ultra lightweight, has a 4"-2" taper and is best for indoors. Approx. R-value: 12. One year warranty. Standard pricing: 299.95 delivered.
  2. Our Standard 1.5 lb foam cover is good for mild to moderate climates and exceeds the ATSM standards for strength and safety.
  3. Our Deluxe 2.0lb foam model is denser and therefore less likely to absorb moisture. It provides half again the strength of our Economy foam along with additional insulation qualities (Approx. R-Value: 14.5). This cover is ideal for not only snowy climates as it supports up to 500 lbs of static snow weight but is also beneficial for moderate climates as it will reduce your heat loss and save you money in energy. This cover is also safer if you have small children or perhaps a dog that likes to snooze on top of your spa.
  4. Our Energy Saver insulation is ideal for maximum energy efficiency in Seasonal Climates. This cover uses a 1.5lb density foam to create water resistance. The cover can carry up to 750lbs of static weight with a 5" to 3" taper. With an R-Value of 20, this spa lid will save you maximum energy which means more money in your bank account, and less to your bill. As an added bonus, the Energy Saver comes FREE with the continuous heat seal and reinforced center hinge.
  5. Our Ultra insulation is both super-energy efficient and water resistant. This cover is formulated for heavy loads as it is constructed with a generous 6" to 4" taper. It is beneficial not only in areas with severe weather conditions (supports up to 1000 lbs of static snow weight) but ANYWHERE energy savings are a concern (you don't have to be in a cold climate to save a bundle on energy). With an R-Value of 24, this spa lid is one of the highest energy efficient spa covers on the market. As an added bonus, the Ultra comes FREE with the continuous heat seal and reinforced center hinge.
  6. "The Works" is the best cover we have ever designed. With maximum energy efficiency, strength and longevity this cover goes a long step further than our Ultra. It is stronger (supports up to 1400 lbs of static snow weight), reduces utility expense (R-Value exceeding 30) and will outlast any cover on the market today (highest foam density + maximum foam thickness = longer life span). This cover features wind rated security straps and a vacuum sealed and welded double wrap vapor shield (12 mil thick) and a heat seal with reinforced hinge. This may be our most expensive cover however if you factor in your energy cost over just five years (the length of our non-prorated warranty) this becomes the least expensive and most effective cover you can invest in.

Economy with 1 lb foam insulation (4"-2" taper) R-12
Standard with 1.5 lb foam insulation (4"-2" taper) R-13.5
Deluxe with 2 lb foam insulation (4"-2" taper) R-14.5
Energy Saver with 1.5lb foam insulation (5"-3" taper) R-20
Ultra with 1.5 lb foam insulation (6"-4" taper) R-24!
"The Works" with 2.0 lb foam insulation (6"-4" taper) R-30+!

*Please note, the very high rating of the Ultra & "The Works" covers are a result of their thickness. It is a full two inches thicker than our other covers. This adds a bit of weight (see What do your covers weigh?) but they have the highest R-value of any spa cover available.

We offer additional ways to increase energy efficiency in any of our covers: Most spa covers use two pads at each end of the center hinge to help prevent heat and moisture from escaping through the sides of the hinge but this leaves a large gap through most of the center of the hinge. If you live in a cold climate, you should consider a Continuous Heat Seal to help keep heat form escaping through the hinge. It's a dense pad that runs the entire length of the hinge and it's very reasonably priced at $20. We also sell a very good insulating spa blanket that floats on top of your water and helps protect the bottom of your cover from heat, moisture and chemical fumes while also saving energy by conserving heat.